Hark, lend me you ears. Wake the kids, phone the neighbors, gather round ye computer with friends and loved ones. Pure, unadulterated genius. Listen to a lone voice streaming truths in a wilderness of morons:

You’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere. I love it. I think this guy is almost, almost as intelligent as I am.
Skip Bayless deserves the P.P. Dublinski Medal of Honor. He’s absolutely right, they won’t show the good things Tebow did, they’ll only talk about the “interception” and the “play that caused a bunch of penalties (that were all negated anyways).” I don’t really have much more to say about it than Bayless, he must be a disciple of P.P. He’s absolutely right. John Fox grinding gears on the Tebow train after two practices–what a joke. Going low risk low reward with the veteran instead of high risk high reward with the kid. (Does anyone really think Fox is on the hot seat after this one year anyways? Don’t you think fans would be more forgiving of a rookie QB?)

He’s squandering the season ,spinning his wheels in the mud and sticking us with a boring product.

Bayless used to like Kyle Orton, so did I. That was then, this is now and I knew Orton wasn’t the future. I’d rather have Orton than Jay Hucks the Ball then Dort gets picked off Huckdort Cutler quite honestly, but I know Orton’s only signed for a year and is not the future of this team. Everyone should know that.

How come these shows ain’t analyzing Tavaris Jackson, eh? Jackson who has been given the reins in Seahawk-land, who is starting and absolutely stunk the place up. Why ain’t we going over his footwork issues ad nauseum?

I want Tavaris Jackson highlights, I want to hear all about his performance. Nobody wants to go there for too long, do they? How about Chad Henne highlights, maybe we could read all about how he doesn’t belong in the NFL?

Wouldn't that be more exciting Monday Night?

This crap about Tebow running too much is an absolute joke too. There was once a Broncos quarterback who wouldn’t quit on the plays–sometimes to a fault. He wouldn’t run out of bounds, sometimes he’d even lead with his head and try to bowl people over. He made incredible plays just about every Sunday. Football was exciting to watch as he made just about as many plays with his legs as with his arm.

But Tebow’s going to get killed out there if he keeps running with the football. Plus, he can’t rely on his improv skills to do much of anything.

Ever hear of Steve Young? Michael Vick? Last I checked they did just fine. Vick ran like a bat out of hell early in his career. He’s more famous for his running early in his career than his passing. He still isn’t incredibly accurate but he’s gotten better as the seasons go on. Gee, come to think of it, so didn’t John Elway,

I know we’re stuck with Orton for now, unfortunately, but I’m not liking what I’m hearing from management. I’m keen to their little deal where they need to try and quell the whole Tebow thing, they need to try and stamp down the Tebowmaniacs a bit. There’s a fine line in this situation though and they’ve gone too far with some of these comments.

“…you have to win games from the pocket in this league. You can’t rely on your improvising. That’s one thing I learned. I was always going to make those plays outside the pocket, but that can’t be your bread and butter.”

“Well, OK, I guess we got to three Super Bowls that way, but you don’t WIN Super Bowls that way. I learned that the hard way.”

Elway: "Nothing to see here pre -1997"

Is Elway kidding? Is this the real John Elway saying this? Elway’s going that far to discredit his years of legendary play where he willed mostly sub-par teams to victory, to Super Bowls? I don’t know what you think you have in the current “pocket passer” there Duke of Denver but he don’t got Super Bowl written on him pal. No way no how. Not unless you have a top five defense and road graters on the offensive line. Does Fox and Co. really think they have something special in “Mr. pocket passer” Orton? Do they really think they have the team to go somewhere special with him? Does anyone in their right mind believe John Elway was a big problem for the Denver Broncos during the eighties and early nineties? During those Super Bowl runs? We didn’t lose those Super Bowls because of Elway, we lost because our teams were largely mediocre on both sides of the ball. John Elway wasn’t a big time pocket passer until we had an All-Star offensive line to protect him.

“Orton looked sharp… Tebow a work in progress.”

Doesn’t sound like a glowing review of a kid who played pretty decent does it? Way to tamp it down there. You see that Orton on the goal line? Orton to Lloyd all day right? That’s money right? Sharp as a tack, right?

You watch the replays again of that tonight? Orton to Lloyd on every stinking one of the last goal line plays–no matter if he was completely covered each time. Orton stared him down the whole time. I’m tellin’ ya, this Orton to Lloyd–I don’t think it’s going to be as great as it was last year–if you can call it great. Yeah it was great alright but it didn’t amount to wins, did it? People seem to think we had shootouts where only our defense let us down last year–that was the case for maybe two games? The rest we struggled to put up even 21 points.  Lloyd snuck up on a lot of people last year, now they know and they’ll be keying on him.

I’m keen to their deal, the Broncos brass have to tamp down this Tebow thing since they’ve absolutely handed the starting job to Orton, but they’re going too far with the comments. They’re going too far and I’m baffled that these players are all in with a guy who’s not going to be here next year. Lloyd may not be here next year either. I’d rather see the Tebow to Willis connection quite honestly, at least they’re both likely to be on the team next year. Hopefully.

If this coaching staff was smart and wanted to win games at all costs they would at least play Tebow on the goal line. Play him down there in games just like you would sub in a slugger running back for a finesse runner who gets stuffed. Barry Sanders hated that. I don’t believe this coach will even do that. He probably won’t want to mess with Orton’s rhythm (which is a joke) and he won’t want to make Orton feel bad.

I say, why can’t they make this guy feel bad for just one year?

No matter, I’m sure the Orton show will come crashing down to earth like it always has. Tebow time will commence and I will begin sending hundreds of letters to Dove Valley demanding apology or resignations for squandering this season.

The future is Orton.