In 2009 the Broncos regular season record was 8-8.

Josh McDaniels wanted to trade him just after the 2010 draft.

The Broncos 2010 regular season record was 4 and 12.

A couple weeks ago John Elway, John Fox and Co. were willing to trade him.

Now on the heels of an incredibly accurate training camp and two mindblowing preseason games against the Dallas Cowboys (6-10) and the Buffalo Bills (4-12), Kyle Orton is once again the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.


The following is my most important scripture of this year.

Kyle Orton


P.P. Dublinski doesn’t like it one bit.

According to the Miami Herald, trade talks between Kyle Orton and the Miami Dolphins broke down after the Dolphins decided Orton’s proposed contract was too much of a commitment for them.

Up up and away! It's the Great Andy Dalton.

In early August Orton was available for the Dolphins, Bengals, Seahawks and even the Redskins. Each of these teams were and are in dire need of an upgrade at the quarterback position.

Nobody was that interested in Orton.

Fast forward to now.  The majority of the sea slugs writing for the Denver Compost tell us how wonderful Kyle Orton is based on his performances in practice and in the preaseaon. “Thank God for Orton.” The blogosphere is chock full of Orton optimism too. Some rubes, I mean, some people believe Kyle Orton will turn the corner this year like never before due in part to a revamped defense and upgraded rushing attack.

I’m here to tell you he’s going to crash and burn leading the Broncos like he always does.

Kyle Orton is not the future of the Denver Broncos.

Kyle Orton has no intangibles. Kyle Orton doesn’t step up to the plate and deliver in hard spots, in the clutch or against good teams. He hasn’t delivered in those crucial moments when we’ve needed him to.
In 2009 the Denver Broncos needed to win one game after week thirteen to  eek the Broncos into a possible playoff spot.

Kyle Orton couldn’t lead this team to one single win and get the job done. He didn’t play well in the final important “playoff” game, in fact he killed us in that game with a pick run back for a touchdown. In 2009 the Broncos scored less than twenty one points in nine regular season games. Final scores of 7, 3, 10 and 12 highlighted a wonderful statistical year for Orton.

In the 2010 offseason head coach Josh McDaniels made a dire mistake when he traded Peyton Hillis and a sixth round pick for first round bust Brady Quinn. Soon after, McDaniels evaluated his quarterback situation and picked Tim Tebow in the late first round of the 2010 NFL draft.

According to Woody Paige, McDaniels was set to trade his starting quarterback Kyle Orton after the draft but the “Broncos brass ruled against it.”

Kyle Orton had an exceptional 2010 preseason. So good was Orton, so crisp with his passes and he exhibited such a command of the offense that McDaniels decided to sign Orton on for one more year. Brady Quinn now admits he wasn’t given much of a look last preseason and claimed the coach favored Tebow. Tebow’s largely positive preseason play immediately changed the mind of one P.P. Dublinski. That’s for damn sure. I had bashed Tebow and it was based on the nation-wide idiocy surrounding his “bad mechanics.” I can admit when I’m wrong.

After the 2010 preseason it was clear that Orton was the most polished quarterback of the bunch. Ain’t you heard that one before, eh?

During the 2010 regular season, the Broncos failed to score 21 points in nine games under Kyle Orton. Highlights of the 2010 Broncos offense include final scores of 17, 13, 14, 13… you get the picture.

In Kyle Orton’s final two starts he amassed a whopping 19 points. Against the Arizona Cardinals, Orton was 19 for 41 for 166 yards and committed three interceptions. The Broncos ran the ball for a combined total of 120 yards. Clearly, the running game and the defense were the only things that contributed to Orton’s poor performance.

Orton had some balls being disgruntled over riding the bench in those last three games. He wanted to “finish what he started with his guys on offense.” The “vets,” wait a second, the vets? Sounds more like Brandon Lloyd. Orton wanted to put up more stats and feed the ball to Lloyd a hundred more times. Sorry pal, we had enough of your 4 and 12 DISMAL show.


Oakland's happy they don't have to deal with this

Is it just me, or were the last three games last year a RELIEF?

Some of you people out there have to be kidding me with the things you’re saying this year.

For the last two years we’ve seen more of the same from Kyle Orton.

He’s accurate, he’s got the offense down, he’s immobile, he’s got no intangibles, shows ho-hum leadership and plays poorly in the clutch. You know, when it matters most. He looks good against mediocre teams… well most of the time, and once in a while… if the Broncos are really,really lucky… they can pick off a good team if that team is flat or everything just happens to go right.

More often than not, the Broncos running game gets stuffed and Orton gets absolutely blanked against the better teams. Absolutely blanked. Time and time again over the last two years he was totally unable to move this offense against better teams. How many times did we witness his inability to move the offense on key third down situations, in the red zone?

With the game–or the season–on the line?

Simply put, Kyle Orton is LIMITED. He’s limited in what he can do. He’s not going to just magically lose those limitations.

I know it. Everyone else should. McDaniels knew it, Miami knew it, the Bengals knew it, the Seahawks knew it, the Redskins new it.

The Broncos current front office “thought they knew it.”

Now they desperately want you to forget that ever happened.

The future is Orton.

Sorry. I don’t forget.

I don’t even want to hear anyone talk about Orton and the playoffs. How about regular season games against the better teams? How about his play in the clutch, his play on third downs, in the red zone and when we needed one *^*^in game to advance in the playoffs?

I said you could bench this guy on merits alone EARLY last year. Losses, poor red zone play, poor play in the clutch. You know, those things that matter. Stats don’t matter.

Ditka is right. Offense is about moving the ball from point A to point B. No one should sit there with a $(*^*&ing microscope worrying about stats and exactly how it gets done. Just get it done. Move the (&^*ing chains. Score and win.

You can bash Josh McDaniels all you want but there’s one thing, one thing that he knows and knows well:


Quarterbacks and how to develop them. Oh yeah.

What did it say when McDaniels drafted Tebow a year after acquiring Orton and shortly after signing Brady Quinn?

It said Orton and Quinn are not the future of this team. Rightly so. They are passable for the moment, welcomed to stay on as eventual backups.

Brady Quinn is a carbon copy of Kyle Orton, minus the accuracy, overall polish and consistency. I don’t want to hear about Brady Quinn.

Because of the “trade that never happened” the Broncos are stuck with Kyle Orton. Isn’t that just ()&# in great? You all excited there, season ticket holders?

To some sea cucumbers who go with the flow it is exciting. To some Broncos fans with amnesia it apparently is just great.

They are incorrect and it will play out. Oh I’ve heard everything. “Orton’s gonna lead us to the playoffs behind a better defense and a good running game.” “Orton’s like Peyton Manning lite.” “Orton’s far and away superior to every quarterback on the Broncos roster.”

They are only right about Orton being our “best quarterback” right now, “the most polished”–but I don’t care. Neither should you. I don’t care that he’s polished, that he knows the offense better. That he puts up big stats with his buddy Lloyd. He’s not the future of this team. We haven’t won anything with him in the past and the Broncos aren’t a good enough team to win with him right now.

The 2011 Denver Broncos signed RB Willis McGahee, let RT Ryan Harris go and drafted rookie RT Orlando Franklin. The Broncos traded and replaced their fourth reciever. They added a rookie tight end who may or may not be a receiving threat.

Those are the key additions, doesn’t sound like wholesale changes, eh?

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

I see right through this absolute  mess.

Most important is the offensive line. We didn’t do turd to upgrade our guard situation. I don’t know what team some of these people have been watching, but our interior offensive line hasn’t run blocked for squat the past two years.
The Broncos should be “marginally” better at running the football with McGahee and a new offensive philosophy. Marginally.

Oh yeah. We’ll look like world beaters against a Dallas team (6-10) Buffalo (4-12) and likely against Arizona (5-11) but come the regular season we will crash and burn baby.

Crash and burn.

We could start off 2-0 against the Raiders at home and against the absolutely despicable Bengals the following week. It will be a damn miracle if the Bengals don’t get Andrew Luck the way that joke of a team is going.

Against good teams we will get stuffed.

We’re not there yet on the offensive line. If you told me the Broncos went out and got two new guards this offseason I’d listen. As of now, I don’t want to hear it.

We will get stuffed on the ground against good teams–not even great teams–and we will rely on guess who?

Holy hell he's tom Brady out there (in preseason)

That’s right: “Peyton Manning lite.” “Tom Brady Orton.”

Do we even have top notch pass protection for our immobile quarterback?

Don’t think so.

Tom Brady Orton, who’s failed time and time again when we needed him to step up like a real Tom Brady. He will be throwing the ball to his statistical buddy (and fellow soon to be free agent) Brandon Lloyd.
Gee, I wonder why we’re hearing all these pro – Orton (and indirectly) anti -Tebow quotes from Brandon Lloyd? Is it the whole lockeroom that would revolt if they didn’t start Orton? Or is it just Brandon Lloyd who always seems to get in a “sigh of relief” when Orton is starting. Lloyd wants to cash in this FA season. Orton wants to cash in too. As long as they put up great stats they don’t have to win to help themselves.

Both may be gone after this season. That’s right, I heard people saying Lloyd should be a reasonably priced FA resigning for us… not if he asks the moon for a contract. He very well may try that and hopefully we’ll let him walk if he he does.

Brandon Lloyd is a very good receiver. He’s not an elite receiver. He will get swallowed up by the better teams–especially now that he’s not sneaking up on anyone after coming out of  nowhere the season before last.

Isn’t that just cute too? Just like Orton fed the ball a million times to Brandon Marshall and he’ll likely feed the ball to Brandon Lloyd again and again this season.

Just like he did last season.

And we lost. Time and time again.

I don’t want to hear about stats. I don’t want to hear about his practices, I don’t want to hear about his amazing preseason against horrible teams.

The Broncos will not win with Kyle Orton. The running game isn’t that great. It will be adequate against mediocre teams this year. The defense is better but there’s still a ways to go on that side of the ball, especially the interior which may be the proverbial achilles heel.

The Broncos are coming off a 4 and 12 season for crying out loud.

Yet we hear, “Oh, they better kowtow to the veterans on the team… better keep Orton and win and make them happy.”

Tebow Lloyd

Topps trading card shows candid image of Brandon Lloyd's "You didn't force me the ball fifty times" look on his face.

Are you (**&%ing serious? Even if that was true, who the &^$^ cares? Who do these vets think they are? How about the main causes of such a gigantic midseason collapse hitherto never before seen? How about 7 and 9? 8-8? 4 and 12? Years of mediocrity and failure?

Excuse me if I don’t give a (*^(*^ what the “vets” want.

I want the future. I want to get on with the show. The vets should want this too. I wanted to do what Steve Young said after the Broncos drafted Tebow: “Build your offense around him.”

Instead, everywhere I look I’m reading about how great Kyle Orton is. How Brady Quinn is having a spectacular training camp. How Tebow doesn’t practice like they do. Holy (*^ing &%&t I don’t want to hear a damn thing about Brady Quinn. Brady Quinn don’t have it. Sorry. He don’t have “it” worse than Kyle Orton. Take everything Orton does then make it less consistent and less accurate.
Perfect, you then have Brady Quinn.

Tebow looked good in the 2010 preseason games. He never looked like the game was bigger than him. I saw a kid who could throw a good deep ball with zip, saw the running threat we all know he can be and wouldn’t you know, ESPN ran film of his interception 24/7.

At the end of the season Tebow led this offense to 23, 24, 28 points. He even won a game in a lights-out come from behind win against the Titans. We trailed 17-0 at the half. We ended up winning the game in spectacular fashion.

Tell me, when the hell is the last time Orton’s done something like that in Denver?

Holy *&%t — how about never.

Not bad for a rookie kid who can’t play in this league–ever, is it?


Orton don’t have it.

I don’t care about four or five snaps Tebow had last preseason game in garbage time, “Dante Rosario” should catch the damn ball anyways. Tebow did well in the Dallas game when he had more snaps, very well.
Come to think of it, the kid’s played pretty damn well whenever we’ve given him some actual time to do so.

He’s a rookie too, remember that? Only Bradford looked better than Tebow last year out of the rookie QB’s.

This team is going to crash and burn behind Kyle Orton. The blind, misguided, sea cucumbers  will be saying “Thank God for Orton” after week two this year (or they should be, if not, talk about disaster).

Come midway through the season, the Broncos will be well on their way to crash and burn status. Same old story.

I don’t forget.

I will be riding the tidal wave when the tide changes. The narrative will change and I will rain down with fury and great intellectual power over the imbeciles, the rubes puffing up this Orton as if he’s something special.

I’m taking down names and I’m saving up the quotes. Some of you people are going to be ashamed at the things you believed about this “grand new era of Kyle Orton.” “The resurgence of Brady Quinn.”

I felt the ground shake yesterday, I figured they ofiicialy moved Brady Quinn to second on the depth chart.


We’re polishing turds in Denver.

I will not let up. I will be downright vicious.

It’s incredible the BS that’s being said about how great Kyle Orton is and how great the Broncos will be with him this season. Brady Quinn is living up to his first round selection. Some of these people are just haters, some are sea cucumbers just going with the flow.

Going with what they’re told. Others, more “astute” fans should know better.

Huckdort be damned, Marshall be damned, I could give a rip about either, the Broncos have their own problems now.

And soon I will debut the “Reality Meter.”

We’ll see who the geniuses are.