The Da’Quan Bowers Bowl just went up in flames. Carolina will probably pick him, damn it all. There’s still a shot they pick someone else, but if not I’m OK with Nick Fairley. I’ll still take what could be the next Richard Seymour any day over the next Champ Bailey. This Broncos team desperately needs star players at the point of attack. Fairley, Bowers, they’re both worth the risk. Comparing Jarvis Moss to either of these players is a joke. We reached for Moss with the 17th pick, Fairley and Bowers are top five talent. You’re not in position that often to get such players, and I will never understand why some people are married to the idea of a must-have shutdown corner in the Broncos secondary.

We shut down their top receiver, isn’t that great?

4 and 11, 8 and 8, 7 and 9 but oh no, we consistently shut down other teams star receivers!

That’s just wonderful ain’t it. You want to talk about team needs? How about a pass rush. We have one guy who is capable of getting sacks and that don’t cut it. Disruptive forces, talented players collapsing the pocket, winning the battles at the point of attack–that’s how you field a defense. We shut down top receivers alright, then the Jamarcus Russels of the world sit back and throw for 300 yards on us to some 3rd and 4th string receivers.

I hope this Luck throws twenty picks and ten touchdowns next year. He’s gonna screw us out of our choice of defensive lineman, so screw him. I hope his stock falls faster than Lehman Brothers.