Former Broncos linebacker Kevin Alexander pleads not guilty to assaulting his girlfriend.

What the hell is going on in Denver? Is there something in the damn water?

Note to Broncos players: Start beating the Raiders and stop beating up women.

Tebow Gets A+ For Poise

Timmy Teebs showed a lot of poise out there last Sunday starting his first NFL game in a tough atmosphere. He looked the same in preseason: This kid don’t get rattled.

The game isn’t above him, there’s no deer in the headlights, no chicken with its head cut off nonsense going on with Tebow. I remember John Elway’s disastrous first game against the Eagles and I remember a rookie named Brad Lee Van Pelt. Remember him well because I sold a boatload of his rookie cards after his preseason debut. A stellar debut that drove up the price of his cards 300 percent. He was out there in preseason running and gunning, he looked like the second coming of John Elway out there. Later on he started a game in the middle of the season–a complete disaster. Deer in the headlights all the way baby. The false disciple of Elway crashed and burned, a good thing after PP made out like a bandit selling off Van Pelt’s rectangular cardboard promises of false hope.

They Love Tebow, Hate McDaniels

In a morbid juxtaposition of insanity, many fans cheer the rookie quarterback while they scorn the man responsible for making him a Denver Bronco. They ran McDaniels out of here, yet they love the QB he wanted to mold into a Super Bowl champion. Like Mike Lombardi says, they ran a genius out of town prematurely and now the coaching staff is left in shambles. Saw a piece on the great Geno Auriemma, a coach that has lead his Uconn Woman’s Basketball team to greatness time and time again. The players say their coach is tough on them even after a win. Whether it’s a win or a loss the coach is ruling with an iron fist. A Woman’s Basketball team can take heavy handed instruction from a winner, but these Broncos can’t. They couldn’t take being harassed by a man with three Super Bowl rings and they drove him out of here just like Bobby Knight was driven out of Ohio. They drove out the truth because they couldn’t handle it. Now I fear we’ll return to the sorry days of practicing without pads–a good idea, only if you’re the 1998-99 Broncos. Those teams deserved such a privilege. This team? Not so much.

I’m Worried We’ll Win this Sunday

The Texans suck, they are fighting amongst themselves and they seem to have capitulated. I’m worried we’ll win this game and that it will bump us up in the draft order. Although other crap teams winning this week helps out the overall situation even if we do win this Sunday. The Texans can usually run the football, that’s a good thing. Hopefully they will, hopefully Timmy Teebs plays great and the defense gives up 200 yards on the ground. I’m hoping for a final score of 28-30 “They lost, but Tebow played well.”

Huckdort Triumphs Over Garbage

Hucky Dorts is feeling his oats out there, the commentators are starting to talk him up–he’ll be a superstar with Mike Martz.

Unfortunately for the Bears, you can’t take the Dort out of the Huck.

Hucky Dorts is one of the luckiest players in football this year. You see the train wreck called the Vikings out there? I’ve watched the Bears play the Vikings twice this year and the decrepit nature of Minnesota’s secondary is second to none. My grandmother could have picked off one of those passes, yet a 28 yr old NFL linebacker in prime condition can’t get it done? These guys are woeful. They left three easy Dorts on the field. Some of these guys looked so surprised by the incredible inaccuracy of Huckdort–they looked like they just got finished with the neighbors cat after dropping those sure picks. Unbelievable. It’s OK though. Hucky is setting up for massive Dorts–the season ending Dort. Chicago will be one and done in the playoffs against a real team and they’ll realize what I already know: They are the worst 10-4 team in football and they’ll need to build a better team in order to go any further in the playoffs. Even if they do progress personnel wise, there is always the possibility of the season ending Dort with Huckster at the helm. When the pressure is on, when the game is on the line against a good team: Huck will be Dorting. It’s a wing and a prayer if you trust in Dort.