Broncos Believe in Kyle Orton

I talked to some players who say that, as far as they are concerned, Orton is the unquestioned starter of the team. And nothing should change.

What the hell else are they gonna say there William? “Oh yeah, this Orton character, get him out of here… we need Tebow starting.”

You honestly think one of the players is going to say that? That they think the coach is wrong?

Gimme a break, you can go to every training camp across the nation and you ain’t gonna see players questioning the starting quarterback.

That is, unless you ask someone like Brandon Marshall… but he’s the exception to the rule.

Ty Warren Injured

Well, if it’s season ending then you know why the Patriots cut him–he’s simply injury prone. Hasn’t seen the field in a while. It’s too bad if we lose him. The middle of our defense is suspect.

In other news, Cam Newton didn’t complete more than fifty percent of his passes in his preseason debut. According to the majority of the sports media and many Broncos fans, Cam Newton has no business playing in the NFL. That is, if they’re gonna be consistent.