The Broncos released the oft injured Boss Bailey and signed Casey Wiegmann through the 2010 season. Champ’s brother wasn’t much of a factor in Denver, then again not many defensive players were last season overall. He’s one player that just can’t seem to stay on the field for any great length of time. Glad to see Casey Wiegmann signed, he certainly solidifies the middle of the offensive line now that Nalen is retired.

In other Brandon Marshall news,  it seems Marshall and his agent Kennard McGuire state Bowlen will “accomodate Marshall’s wishes” to be traded, and wished him good luck in the future. Later, McDaniels is quoted as saying ““We met after Pat’s meeting with Brandon and we are going to continue our dialogue with Brandon and his representative,” and  “We look forward to having Brandon at training camp.”

Since McDaniels supposedly had a lot to do with Cutler’s trade request, my guess is that Marshall will be traded, if they can, and McDaniels is simply trying to distance himself from this situation.  Bowlen in the past said he doesn’t want players that don’t want to be a Bronco, Marshall doesn’t have anything bad to say about the organization it seems, but he sure seems to want out of Denver.