Oh how some of you were absolutely duped

It’s time to man up John Fox and admit your mistake.

This coach has given backup QB priority to this Brady Quinn character the last few weeks based on “practice” and Fox should have known the inconsistent player the five year vet Quinn is.

How much more proof do we need?

Does this Fox have the audacity to dig in his heels and give us Brady Quinn warming up on the sidelines if Kyle Orton gets injured?

Talk about treading on thin ice.

Nothing personal against Brady Quinn, but he should be cut from this team. If Quinn is still on the team come week one of the regular season it’s nothing short of charity and stubbornness from coach Fox.

The Denver Broncos don’t need to dress three quarterbacks. I’d rather we give a practice spot to this Adam Weber.

Weber has more upside than Quinn.

Rather see us pick up DL Chauncey Davis or QB Brodie Croyle for that matter. Give one of them Quinn’s roster spot.

There isn’t a team in this league that will sign Brady Quinn if we cut him. I’ll bet you anything Quinn is still available to sign in November if we cut him in September.

No team in the NFL will trade for Quinn either–that’s actually a joke to even consider. We missed an opportunity last week to trade him, that is, if any teams out there were dumb enough to believe the hype.

For weeks we’ve had to endure Denver Compost writers telling us how much he deserves the backup QB position, how he’s improved to the point where he may be a starting NFL quarterback.

He’s the clear number two.

I endured enough of that tripe, that drivel. You can’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

The coach even let Quinn lead the first team offense–which resulted in a pick in the end zone mind you.

I wonder why Tebow wasn’t afforded the same opportunity? Perhaps Elway, Fox and Xanders didn’t want to man up to the mistake they created early on in training camp? Perhaps they wanted to bury the “Tebow thing” for a while? Maybe they didn’t want their pride and joy Kyle Orton showed up on the battlefield? You know, he plays quarterback the way it’s supposed to be played.

The real gamers excel on the practice field, right Jeffy Jeff Jeff Legwold? What a total rube.

Quinn has a bright future in the analyst booth at CBS. That’s not a dig at him, that’s the truth.

Oh and by the way, I wonder who Merril Hoge would rather have leading his team? Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow? I bet he’d still say Brady Quinn, and for that he is a complete *^*%in stooge.

The Real Merril Hoge