Brandon Lloyd is off to the Rams for a sixth round, perhaps a fifth round pick if he catches thirty passes this year. Whatever. I knew we weren’t going to pay this guy a mint at the end of this season.

I knew that, I don’t know why nobody else seemed to know that one. Especially since we seemed so worried about keeping him happy with his boy Orton trying to force the ball to him a hundred times. Forcing the ball to Lloyd to no avail by the way.

So much for the Pro Bowl spectacle of Kyle Orton to Brandon Lloyd. So much for Orton’s career year. What a laugh.

The Oakland Raiders just sent two first rounders to the Bengals for Carson Palmer, they could have acquired Kyle Orton–who is just a step below Jason Campbell–for a fourth round ham sandwich. Unbelievable. Here’s to them crashing in the present and burning away their future.