Brandon Marshall drops a sure touchdown ball at a Dolphins practice and punts the ball over a fence in frustration. Then he goes off an sulks for a while. I’m not surprised. Maybe that Krieger is, that Krieger over at the Denver Post who wrote that Miami was basically robbing the Broncos in the Marshall trade. Then you had that Numby leading a chorus of goobers: pay the man, pay him 50 plus million!

I ain’t surprised. It’s just a matter of time before the meltdown, and that’s why I’m trotting out the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter.

Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter

Fresh off the heels of my earth-shattering, awe-inspiring Huckdort Counter. The Huckdort Counter that recorded Jay Huckdort Cutler’s many egregious interceptions last year, now I am proud to further extend my genius on display for all to see through the Marshall Meltdown Meter.

Every dropped pass, every Dolphins loss, every off-field violation, every game where Marshall doesn’t get the ball much and every time Marshall simply acts up, that’s more juice for the Meltdown Meter.

Until finally, he’s cut or traded or suspended.

I’m glad somebody bought the idea of Marshall “changing his ways if we just pay him.”

Good luck Miami, and I can’t believe the Tuna signed on to this one.