Can’t believe the goobers out there that are still insistent in Marshall coming back next year with a tender offer: It ain’t happening.

Marshall is good as gone. Plain and simple.

brandon marshall

Don’t these people get it?

Are they ten years old? Seriously, if they’re ten, then they get a pass– then they have a legitimate excuse.

No one wants the “best wide receiver in football,” not even for the 29th pick in the draft. He’s a locker room cancer, and a risk to even stay on the field.

Even these owners know the deal that apparently a boat-load of you people don’t.

According to’s John Czarnecki, there is “no way that Pete Carroll is parting with the sixth overall pick for a disgruntled receiver who really can’t stretch the field.”

This Czarnecki’s probably been listening to me, listening to the truth. That’s correct, Marshall can’t stretch the field. He is overrated by many, he is not the best receiver in football. What he is, is the best possession receiver in football, the best YAC receiver in football.

That’s why I still believe the Jets are major players in the Marshall trade. You don’t build a team around Marshall, he is a piece of a puzzle and less of a risk in that scenario. The Jets have Braylon Edwards who can stretch the field, Marshall would be the perfect final piece to that offense. It would be worth the risk for the Jets.

Seahawks or the Jets, but you never know once the trade price of a first round pick goes out the window on April 15th. Got news for some of you people, when April 15th rolls around that ain’t the day Marshall signs with Denver and sings Kumbaya and gives McDaniels a hug. It’s more like when we start taking serious offers for Marshall, whether it be players in trade or picks. Other teams could jump into the fray when the trade becomes reasonable.

This coach and this team will not tolerate another year of Brandon Marshall. The writing’s been on the wall since before the season on that one.

I’m sick and tired of  “If we trade Marshall for less than a 1st, then McDaniels is a moron, should be fired, out of his mind, this is a business you have to know value… yadda yadda.”

We will trade Brandon Marshall and we will get what we can.

Whether it ends up being a player and a second rounder, a second rounder this year and next, whatever the case he’s gone and you people need to get over it. You people need to start listening to the voice of truth.


I got a letter from that Horvil Tiki, sent from that Panff, I took one look at it and sent it back to him. Unbelievable, that Panff wanted me to decipher it and post it, you got to be kidding me. Looked like a bunch of chicken scrawl all over the place. Worst handwriting I ever seen, even my kids never wrote that bad.  I ain’t deciphering nothing. You send me an email Panff with the damn thing in coherent English or forget it. That  Panff’s got some balls trying to waste my time.