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The denvered Post say Dre bly he get fine for say refree is total crappy calls in Jakksonville game. He tell refree to take off guy, take off. He get fine 20,000 dollars for to say refree make the crapt calls. I unbeleef how much they try to makey him pay.

The Post jim Armtong say patrot game monday nite is big game for the denver. I beleef this guy, is big game for both team. Loose game either team begin downward sloped to awful smell record.

Brandon marshals carry football where ever he go guy. This is old skool tactical. Is good thing guy, must give offering to bronco albino crab who clutch football never fumbel ever. Leave cola on doorstep at nite it gone next morning. Bronco crab ooze out of ground hole in middel of nite makey off with you cola guy.

Rock Mountan news say Chanp Baley is ready for randt Moss. Bandon Stokly is not practice yet may not play from concuss but the Eddy Royalt and Bosst Baley hopeful play will.

NFL dot com reporteds the Denver offence line is master of pass protect they is do this so good guy. Come on cutsler chill out guy. Yous has all kind of time to throw. All kind of time sit back eat san wich, makey text message to cheer lead then throw ball guy, come on chill out guy.

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