What up holme. The bronco news is scareced guy. You must really look for it. Look for like old corny shoe in closet. It all mashed up and dusty, but it there if you look./

The yahoo sport have they bronco team report and that is nothing new but it least line up fact of broncos good.

The mile highest report have real cool intervue with Brandon Marshal.

The espn bill willamson say that dallas can will trade greg ellis and he might be good for the denver if they do this. I dont think it over yet guy I think we gon get some guys on defence line still some how.

The denver post armstong say broncos is not favorable odd to win. No respect guy. I remember other guy at post say broncos not ranked the highly. I think we gon shock some people guy I do. I think there is two key of win. It knowshion morenote and elvis doomevil. I serious guy. if knowshon is like light up league player that would be so cool. he make you defence tired guy. tired and old. and he keep bronco defence off feild so chanp baley can be fresh to pict guy off so bad. Then the doomvil on the outside line back guy. This is big because if he is real cool out there and makey all the sacks, that would be real big diffrence guy. That would be the for real you know what I saying. we need the outside destructive. Hopeful he can use he moves to be like pow from out side and bust up all kind of corny fools that come he way. use moves out on island to juke free and make win sack all day like this.

come on guy lets go we need more of these to win.

come on guy lets go we need more of these to win.

You give the hall of fames quart back time to throw – and you is all done guy. You give the dooky quart back time to0 throw and he become the hall of fames out there guy. You know what I saying.

I want to wish the eddy royal happy birthday cause it was he birthday other day and I gon send some thing to bronco headquarter for he but it not ready yet but soon. I still work on giant albino bronco crab documentry I hope it will be good and give honor and respect to giant bronco crab in off seasonal water.

I saw this impession of the new madden guy, it look realer than ever. I hope they dont disrespect bronco too much but they probable will cause madden was rader once. I know it guy. The bronco has to win souper bowl to get they respect in madden it seem like but I will boost the attribute guy./ All of them.