The news it always churn. It come at you hurtel like egg from teen aged in the Halloweeen. Crazy teen aged has no job, he has have red eye and bag full of egg. Watch out guy, they call tonite cabbage nite, nite before ween, some time kid makey all the messes tonite to try stay away from policed patrol the halloween for egger.

The Woodinald Tiberius page has have mail bag. He say last bronco game one of worst cause guy want take game off after first quart. I not can disgree with this guy, was pritty bad, need the sweargen out there to motivat.

The Post says the brionco safetie is not the crusht force of old. The rock mountan news say the safety Marlond Mkee may be back from sitted on bench.

The Denver Bronco dot com has up tran scripft of this week intervue the Cutspler, intervue the shanhan. It always the same guy, I see this evry week. Evry team answer the questons they say “oooh oooh other team so impressed, oooh oooh I loves the other team they is so strong competetiv” then they try to smash crush them run over on game day guy.

The post it say we see what made of Clady when the Joey Ported come to town from the maimi dolphin. I is quoted long hair guy from way down street, I think he smoke the grape like the Trevis herny. He alway say ‘good luck with that dood.”