Kyle Orton


Zero points.

Zero points by our beloved Broncos at the half against the 1 and 6 Forty Niners.

I’ve had just about enough of this Broncos offense.

Same story. Same old story. The Broncos defense shows up, the offense doesn’t and then there’s this somewhat valiant drive with one minute left in the half where somebody wakes up.

I figured we’d throw Tebow in once we hit seven losses–I’m rethinking this.

Kyle Orton is ineffective at the quarterback position.

I have the right to say this, I’ve been an Orton supporter all along. Yes, I would rather have Orton than Jay Huckdort Cutler, at least Orton protects the ball.

I don’t care how many stats, I don’t care how many percentages you want to bring up, this offense is not moving the ball and does not score touchdowns.

Yes, our run blocking and running attack is the worst in the league, but this quarterback is not getting the job done. He is not scoring touchdowns and he is not winning games.

Our offense is not scoring touchdowns and we are not winning games. Period.

What are you going to do? Bench the offensive line? Fire the coach?

Probably not, but someone has to take the blame for an offense that is not moving the ball and an offense that is not scoring touchdowns.

You see that “sack” in the first half on an important third down? Pathetic.

Zero points against the Forty Niners in the first half. Zero.

I began watching this game as an unaffected observer and by the end of the half I ended up pretty pissed off. Our defense shows up early, time and time again and they have in most games all through last year and our offense fails to do anything whatsoever. The defense eventually wears down because too much is asked of them. I’ve had it with this offense and the blame has to fall on the quarterback, the field general.

This team needs an enema, especially on offense.

Quite honestly, I want to see what we have in our second stringer and I’m serious. Peter King be damned. He said McDaniels should be fired if he benches Orton. I don’t see why quite honestly. In terms of wins, losses and touchdowns–hell, even field goals–this Orton is not getting the job done. He is not moving this offense. I want to see if our second stringer has anything and on top of that I want to see if he has anything because the Broncos will be picking high.

If he doesn’t have anything, if our first round quarterback of the future doesn’t have anything, then we might need to draft a quarterback with that high pick.

The offense fails to inspire, and based on merit, this Orton isn’t getting the job done.