Unbelievable. All that early momentum amounting to a goose egg on the scoreboard. We left a good ten points on the board.

Misses, fumbles, failure to execute. We get a damn onside kick and can’t even put up three points.

Some positives though. I am confident Josh McDaniels is listening to P.P. Dublinski. We’re airing it out, and even though we haven’t connected on them much, these bomb plays force a defense to think, it softens them up. We’re showing some more creativity out there, pitch plays and the like and they’re getting us positive yards.

To all those who say it’s ridiculous to run Tebow, I guess you people don’t like making defenses guess, do you?

I guess you’d rather settle for the minus one yard run up the middle rather than a touchdown.

I know the coach said its ridiculous, but he was just bluffing I’m sure.

Tebow should have been out there in every game this year, no reason not to play him even as a decoy. The only reason I’ll accept is if his ribs were still banged up.

The razzle dazzle is working, it’s getting positive yards. Here’s to hoping they keep it up. It’s better than the alternative vanilla pea shooter crap.