Well it’s good that we got here, but you would have liked to put up a better fight than that debacle. Embarrassing that we gave up record after record. Figures though, just look at our safeties, my God they can all go except Quinton Carter. At least he is showing flashes of brilliance.

The team did have chances to keep the game close early, but fumbles, dropped passes and missed tackles killed them.

This game highlighted the needs of the Broncos going into 2012.

I will produce my yearly want list soon, but I’ll tell you right now: This team needs a big, fast running back  more than anything. More than any other position. It will have more impact than anything.

If a big, fast running back is available at pick 25? Do it.

Trade up if you have to. Or get one in the second round. Top priority should be running back. I’ve been seeing holes each week that should be exploited by someone with a better burst, by someone who can make one tackler miss and someone with home-run hitting ability. McGahee is fine, he’s fine as a second running back. 1,200 some yards, hard yards, but nobody fears his ability to take it to the house. We need a running back people fear, among other things.

Not going to single anyone out over this game, it was a team loss, but Mays, Ball, Willis, McBean, Bush, Moore and even Royal need to be replaced.