Kyle Orton Dejected

London, England - October 31: Kyle Orton #8 of Denver Broncos looks despondent during the NFL International Series match between Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium on October 31, 2010 in London, England.

The Denver Broncos are a bad team.

That penalty during the Gaffney touchdown, that penalty on the kick return?

That’s what happens to bad teams. Bad teams don’t get the breaks, they don’t have the luck, they get penalized and burnt deep on the most ridiculous toss up on a wing and a prayer throws.

Can someone, anyone clue me in on why Jarvis Moss is still on this roster?

Orton came back and performed a little better in the second half. You see those stats, eh? Great stats, eh? Great rating, oh he’s just killin’ it out there ain’t he. Sixteen points. Oh that’s just the tops. Too bad the stats don’t translate into touchdowns or wins. Like I’ve said, 24 to 28 points equals wins in this league, it equals wins when you have an average defense. Score anything less and good luck.

Did anyone think we were going to drive the field and tie the game in the final seconds? I didn’t. Orton may be a decent game manager, he may show flashes of brilliance but he’s not clutch with the game on the line.

This whole team cannot put it together. Once one thing begins to work, something else goes afoul time and time again.

Is there anyone out there, anyone left who honestly believes the 2010 Denver Broncos will make the playoffs? I understand that there’s still technically a chance, but does anyone think this team will beat the Raiders at home? The Chiefs? San Diego? Does anyone really think this team is winning out and making the playoffs?

The writing is on the wall and it’s Tebow time. No, not like some goobers think, they think he’s going to save the season (well maybe save it from being boring). We need to see what this kid has, if he has anything. One more loss and it better be Tebow time, anything less is uncivilized. I want to see what this kid has out there at starting quarterback. Besides valuable game experience, we’re gonna be picking high next year and I want to see whether we need to draft a quarterback.

Well at least we’re back to playing Broncos football: losing games we should have won.