Tim Tebow Winner

Tim Tebow: Winner

The Tim Tebow led Broncos just stuck a proverbial dagger in the hearts of the San Diego Chargers.

Ready for the Brady Quinn era to begin?

What’s the criticism of the Broncos quarterback this week? eh?

This front office should have rallied around this kid in training camp and given him every chance to succeed this year.

Someone in this front office had the right idea, then they reneged — to their folly.

How about that Dave Krieger, Mike Klis, Jeff Legwold and that goon at ESPN Bill Williamson? How about your pocket passer playing for the Chiefs now?

“We’ll win more than we lose with Kyle Orton.”

“Broncos are credible with Orton.”

“The practice players are the real gamers.”

How bout that Elway and Shannon Sharpe, just cut bait with Tebow now and get Brady Quinn ready by halftime.

Meanwhile, this kid is absolutely killing our division rivals.

Don’t tell me he didn’t do anything today Merril Hog, Cris Carter and Stephen A. Smith. Yeah, the defense and the offensive line played well but this kid was moving the chains and throwing strikes when it counted.

This Broncos front office must apologize for their horrible mistake in the first half of this season. We went 1 and 4 due to their deficient tact and woeful handling of the quarterback situation.

This Broncos team should be 8 and 3 sitting atop the AFC West.

We should have beat Oakland and the Titans. Both were close games where dynamic play from the quarterback would have made a difference. Instead we had a goober out there who can “make all the throws” forcing the ball to a well covered Lloyd and getting picked. That Skip Bayless over at ESPN probably believes we’d be 9 and 2 right now and he’s probably correct.

This front office must pay for their insufficient tact. Someone early on had an idea of what a winner was, someone else rebuffed it. I will be making phone calls and sending letters this week.

I will be demanding formal apologies and or resignations.