Tim Tebow Wins

Tebow Saves

I don’t want to hear another peep out of “Mr. Elway” and the “week-to-week” short leash on our rookie quarterback.

3-1 as a Broncos starter in 2011.

I don’t care if he’s unorthodox, we’re winning and that’s all that matters.

I said we wouldn’t run the ball 500 times this year like John Fox wanted to, but that was when Kyle Orton was our quarterback.

With Timmy Teebs in there, we can run 500 times.

Von Miller Broncos

Von Miller is Matt Cassel's Worst Nightmare

Running game dominated and the defense dominated the Chiefs at home.

I know they’ll say Timmy Teebs throwing was lackluster, however, no picks and three dropped passes. One of those dropped passes by Decker in the first half was egregious.

Von Miller better keep a low profile in Kansas City… I hear they have a warrant out on him for assault and battery of the Chiefs quarterback.

Big win.