Tim Tebow Jets

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow rolls out against New York Jets Bart Scott (57) in the first quarter of their NFL football game in Denver, Colorado, November 17, 2011 (Reuters)

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Jets are officially a disgrace.

Anyone else notice how the great Darrelle Revis ducked Tim Tebow while the much maligned QB lowered his shoulder and charged?

He ducked.

What a punk move. Revis certainly talks a mean game about Tebow.

Now, the loud-mouthed fat-ass Rex Ryan Jets have to limp and lick their wounds all the way back to New Jersey. Ever ride down 95 through New Jersey? Eh? What a sewer.

Tebow shocks the world and wins the game with a 95 yard drive — mainly with his legs — unbelievable. Take that Cris Carter, Merril Hoge, Boomer Esiason and in-house fools Shannon Sharpe, Mark Schlereth and Al Williams. People can’t understand this quarterback, he’s a bona fide Terrell Davis trying to throw.

That’s right, he has patience, vision and a knack for recognizing the flow of the defenders. According to Dave Krieger of the Denver Post, Tebow only runs a 4.7 so he won’t be a successful runner. Terrel Davis ran a 4.7, so much for that Kriegs.

The Broncos couldn’t catch any breaks early in this game. Eric Decker couldn’t catch any passes either.

I know Tebows’ numbers passing the ball aren’t very good — yet again — but a few catchable passes were dropped. Also, he needs more help from his receivers, they need to come back to the ball when those balls are thrown low. That TE Rosario did a good job of this on the winning drive.

I’ll say this now and I’ll say it again: I’d rather have a quarterback overthrowing or under throwing into the ground rather than throwing a pick for a touchdown.

Three quarters into this game I was absolutely livid. I could not believe the playcalling. We got stuffed time and time again running the ball up the middle out of the I or single back formation with Tebow under center.

How many times did we run those plays up the middle and how many times did we get absolutely stuffed? That was awful. The Jets put their beef up front and we ran straight into them time and time again with that lousy vanilla I formation crap.

No matter, thankfully Tebow overcame the horrible playcalling.

Big win, I loved how the NFL Network goobers unanimously picked the Jets to win.

How about that 58? Big sack at a crucial time. The Denver defense played one hell of a game.  Tebow mounted one hell of a drive to win the game.

I don’t care how anyone tries to frame it otherwise: Tim Tebow played better than Mark Sanchez today.

Jeff Legwold and Stephen A. Smith are crying in their beers, Hugh Douglas is going to church and Skip Bayless just reached Nirvana.