You see that Broncos quarterback out there, the one that runs too slow for the NFL? Hell we scored more points in the first half than we did in last week’s game. I don’t care about this kid’s delivery, I don’t care that he runs, it’s all about scoring points and I don’t care how he gets it done.

Not a bad outing for Tebow so far. So much for Tebow being a bust, he may never be a great NFL quarterback, that remains to be seen, but he’s certainly got talent and upside. They’re being very conservative with him, I guess that’s smart, but we’re 3 and 10, may as well play and let the chips fall. These little dink and dunk passes ain’t working because we can’t run, we can’t run with the running back that is.

Buffalo won, Detroit won, Dallas won, Cincinnati won and even Carolina won. Unbelievable. This gives us some good cushion in the draft, so I don’t mind it so much if we did win this game, it’s the Texans game that worries me, that team may have capitulated.