"He's not a QB, he's a fullback," says Mark Schlereth

Holy hell. Talk about horrible quarterback play for the first three quarters of that game. It was worse than horrible, it was insulting, insulting to a Denver defense that was playing its ass off.

Timmy Teebs gave all his haters and critics a ton of ammunition in those first three quarters. He’s never played that badly, not even in his three starts last year did he suck that terribly. I know people make a lot about the playcalling, the playcalling needs to get better overall, but missing a wide open Eric Decker by a good five yards on that throw was inexcusable. That one was totally indefensible.

That was a surefire touchdown and it would have wiped away Timmy Teebs awful performance up until then. If I were the coach I’d have Teebs staying after practice and throwing deep balls to Decker, Thomas and maybe Fells. That’s two misses to a wide open Decker, that’s two egregious demerits there kid; don’t make it three.

Tebow ties it up, the joint is rockin, Boomer curses and Sharpe makes an excuse.

I admit not having Brandon Lloyd as a safety net hurts Timmy Teebs right now. After all, how long was Lloyd a safety net for Kyle Orton? Lloyd isn’t an elite wide receiver, but he knows how to get open. Our other guys are mostly young or just have trouble consistently getting open.

You read that Mike Klis after the game, eh? Loaded with criticism, you’d think we lost slogging through 90 percent of his text. I accuse Klis of writing his article prematurely in the third quarter with a poisoned pen–he was probably salivating at the chance for a bad write-up on Teebs.

Equally offensive, Bill Williamson seems to want Kyle Orton back as the Broncos starting quarterback, noting Tebow clearly isn’t the best QB on the roster. Willy boy–welcome to last month’s discussion. What a joke, doesn’t even deserve a link.

Unbelievable this Tebow kid, pulls out the win in the end. Critics will say Kyle Orton would have thrown the ball better and hit that Decker for a touchdown. The same critics cannot in a million years say Kyle Orton could have authored those final drives and ran in that two point conversion.

We’re on the verge of getting blanked, getting goose-egged down 15 points with under three minutes to go and the kid leads the team to a comeback win. Not only a win, but a win under those circumstances hasn’t happened since 1970.

He saved the team and more importantly he saved himself from an onslaught of criticism this week and rampant “I-told-you-so’s” from the haters like Esiason and Merril Hog.

In this game Tebow surely gave ammo to his critics, but in the end he tipped the scales in his favor.

Defense stepped up when it had to.

The defense played good overall and DJ William’s forced fumble and recovery was huge in overtime to seal the deal. The Broncos made plays on defense today when they needed to.

Timmy Teebs better not play that way again, I will say this: As bad as he is at times, he doesn’t throw many picks. You just wait until he has a three interception game, the media’s long knives will be out.

In the first half I saw a kid who was scared to death to throw a pick, scared to make a mistake and I saw a gameplan that was equally tentative. In the fourth quarter he was greased lightning. Hell of a TD catch by Thomas, it was good to see him healthy and playing for God’s sake. Hell of a catch by Fells and a brilliant play call to fake the run then throw over to a wide open Fells for the second score.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with the playcalling, some guy on Rotoworld thinks “management wants Tebow to fail” because they didn’t run any screens or easy short pass plays (they tried one screen). I don’t think they are setting him up for failure, but in that last preseason game it started as if they were trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Once they “let him loose” we saw a bomb for a TD to that Riley kid. They “let him loose” today and we all saw what happened.

Don Shula showed up just to meet Tebow--even though Teebs got his son fired from Alabama.

I wouldn’t put any money down on the Broncos to win the next game against the Lions but it is a winnable game provided Timmy Teebs throws the ball halfway decent. That Stafford is dinged and we’re going to have to throw the ball against them. We’ll see if Teebs is up to the challenge–I don’t expect him to play like he did today in the first half from here on out though–he better not.