Same old, same old

Oh how the narrative has changed, even after one stinking game.

Anybody shocked out there? Anybody real disappointed?

Not me.

I wondered why people were even mentioning the Broncos running attack this preseason. Denver Post dolt writers talking it up as new and improved. The new coach boasting he’ll “run 500 times.”

Good luck with that dude.

LIKE I SAID … Ahem. Like I said, what did we change? We got a rookie tackle? What else changed on that line? We brought in Willis McGahee? So what? Is John Fox’s amazing spiritual aura going to improve our running game?

Not good enough. Besides needing one more skilled running back who has decent size and runs tough, this team needs two new guards. This team also needs two new defensive tackles.

Our offensive line isn’t there yet. A dolt could have told you that. We’re no force to be reckoned with running the football. We’re not even pass blocking all that well. I give credit to the Raiders front seven though, they field a good front seven. Their defensive line dominated us all game, but I also noticed they were tired as hell and sucking wind in the second half–even though they didn’t have to chase down the immobile stork that is Kyle Orton.

Imagine if we had someone mobile back there in a situation like that? Imagine if these tired chumps in the thin air had to chase that guy around? Too bad we can only imagine because Kyle Orton can “make all the throws” and he is a bona fide “pocket passer” that supposedly wins championships.

Kerry Collins is a pocket passer too.

tebow fans

A family in Boulder, CO rejoices during last night's loss after being robbed of their entertainment all season long.

So what. Big fricken deal. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear any excuses either, the Broncos do not, I repeat DO NOT win with Kyle Orton. Period. End of story.

I don’t care what he looks like in preseason. I don’t care that we ran decent against some chumps for a quarter here and a quarter there in preseason. This team isn’t good enough to carry, I repeat, carry a Kyle Orton.

Elway better get off this “pocket passing” jag, better get off it and come to grips with reality. Yeah, pocket passing wins championships alright, that is if you can even protect the quarterback. Elway didn’t have that luxury until his last three years when we fielded all world linemen.

We can’t consistently protect the quarterback. Our offensive line gets bullied. Our defensive line gets bullied. We suck balls at the point of attack. The front office seemed to only flirt with defensive tackle acquisitions in the draft and free agency and now it’s coming back to bite them in the ass. The offensive and defensive lines better be addressed this offseason.

Same old Broncos. So predictable. Unspectacular quarterback play, inability to run the ball and a defense that gives up big yards on the ground plus big plays in the second half. You can always count on this defense to give up that killer play in the second half. It often comes right after a positive score for the Broncos, it happened once again tonight with the McFadden ground show after the Eric Decker kick return.

I feel sorry for some of you people that believed this Broncos team was a playoff team. I feel sorry for some of yous who had high hopes. I sure didn’t. That’s why I wanted to start the kid and see exactly what we have. We’re squandering the season as it is.

We’re not there yet on both sides of the ball, namely the offensive and defensive line. We’re not there yet, we’re not going to run the ball like crazy and running teams will bulldoze our defensive middle.

We’re not there yet and we are squandering this season on the shoulders of an unspectacular journeyman quarterback who should have been traded. A seven year player with no upside. We’ve also had to endure talk of a fifth year player “vastly improving.” It’s a joke all around.

Elway and Co. did well drafting Von Miller. Rahim Moore and Orlando Franklin seem like they’ll be decent too. I am disappointed we didn’t get more help on the defensive line.

We traded away a good football player in Jabar Gaffney for nothing. Absolutely nothing. That’s one demerit. Gaffney is the Redskins second best receiver now and that’s the truth. We ended up with the turd end of the stick in that deal.

The second mistake was keeping Kyle Orton on this team. We were about to do the right thing. We were about to say sayonara Orton and we screwed up. Now we are squandering the season and we’re even being led to believe that Brady Quinn is something special in order to quiet the quarterback controversy.

It’s a joke. We are not a playoff team. Yet they are all worried about winning with Kyle Orton and being some sort of “legitimate contender.” Kyle Orton legitimizes the Broncos? You have to be kidding me.

The might of the pure pocket passer... Are you scared Raiders?

Shame on these Denver Compost writers talking up Orton, talking up Quinn, talking up our running game. Hell even the defense, I knew they weren’t top ten material. Not yet, we got better in the pass rush and maybe safety but not much else. As long as you see the names “McBean” and “Unrein” out there that’s code for “we ain’t there yet.”

We aren’t on some brilliant road to the future right now. We are on a suck train led by an uninspiring offense.

The Carolina Panthers are getting on with the future. Not us. We’re stuck in bizarro Orton world. Isn’t that great? Oh yeah that’s just great. Three points at the half. Ten points in the second half not counting the Eric Decker return. One good drive by the offense. Just one for a touchdown. Haven’t we seen this sorry show enough? Even Trent Dilfer noticed the lack of fire in that offense. No fire. No intangibles. Suck, suck.

I stated last June, I stated if for some weird reason we are starting Orton week one of this season, if for some horrible reason we go that route this John Fox character better… he BETTER win with Orton. If not, it’s trouble.

And it’s trouble baby.

Hell, we have the Raiders defense to thank for most of our positive yards last night. Unbelievable. I don’t know what tape John Fox was watching last year, don’t know what he was watching if he thought we could run the football without changing personnel. Changing personnel at the point of attack. People get on McDaniels for not running the ball–he couldn’t run. He often tried early, just like Fox did. We get stoned and have to give it up and rely on an immobile Orton throwing intermediate passes behind an inconsistent offensive line.

It’s a recipe for losing. That’s just what we did and that’s what we will continue to do. What a joke. What does Elway think he has in this Orton? This Fox? Eh? I tell you what…

I dare you John Fox. I DARE you to put Brady Quinn in there if Orton is stinking the place up yet again. Do it, and it had better be a home game too. I want to hear the absolute bedlam that will ensue.

Fear not Denver, we have NFL caliber hope for the future.

You see that Cam Newton, eh? Not a bad performance last week and that’s a loss you can live with. You can live with rookie losses, rookie mistakes. At least there’s hope you’re heading in the right direction. There’s the hope of upside, the learning curve hurts but at least you’re learning.

Hell, we should try and trade Orton before the trade deadline. Send him to the Colts for a third rounder. That’s one round better than the obligatory pick we’ll get when he goes in free agency. Send him to the Bengals… although that Dalton kid may be a fine option for them, not sure they’d even want Orton at this point.

Orton to Lloyd, Orton to Lloyd. Enough already. It’s not working. It’s not a recipe for winning. The hell with Lloyd’s stats in a free agent year. He probably won’t even be on the team next year.

No it’s not all Orton’s fault that we lost tonight. The fact is a good chunk of it was and we just don’t win with him. How much more proof do some of you people need? How many more snaps are we going to give this guy? Preseason or otherwise? What a joke that we’ve invested so much in him this year when he should have gone bye-bye. It’s a disgrace and I will demand apologies and even resignations.

That Legwold who talks up Orton and Quinn, that Legwold keeps trying to reassure people that coach Fox will send Timmy Teebs out there in special packages. No way Jose, I don’t believe that for a second. This front office doesn’t want a QB controversy, but it’s about to become unavoidable.

Besides not wanting to fan the flames of controversy, this Fox seems to be woefully uncreative on offense. He better adapt. John Fox comes from the conservative Bill Parcells coaching tree. A tree that includes Bill Belichik. Years ago, the defensively-minded, yet offensively conservative Belichik became head coach of the New England Patriots. He first tried the Parcells approach: Run first, great defense and the quarterback (Bledsoe, a journeyman who was highly erratic under pressure) must stick to the game plan.

It didn’t work. He had to adapt with his new quarterback. In comes Tom Brady and nowadays that New England team is still known for its defense under Belichik but their offense burns you through the air, unlike the Parcells model.

This Fox better adapt or he ain’t gonna be around much longer. We should have adapted already, adapted this offense to the skills of the rookie quarterback who can run and pass. Instead we’re building around a mediocre, immobile seven year vet… oh and I hear the worse than mediocre five year vet fits the current system better too.

It’s a joke and they are getting what they deserve in Denver. A cold, hard dose of reality.

One notch added to the Reality Meter in P.P.’s favor.