Well I don’t really care where they play as long as they win. I’d hit the fish and chips, maybe some of that cheese but steer clear of just about everything else over there. And heed my words don’t use a phone booth, you got people pissing in them phone booths over there left and right. Coming out of them bars all derelict. What a disgrace. Next year, I’m telling you people it will be Josh McDaniels team. And you people out there bashing him left and right, the same ones that were silent when we were 6-0, all your little McDaniels bashing sites are gonna go down in flames.

He’s a genius with principles, he put his foot down on the Shanahan era rejects, and we can’t start moving fully towards this power blocking scheme fast enough.

I see that Dennison and Turner flew the coop. Whatever, I want an offensive line coach that eats nails. I want that guy out there eating a box of nails and motivating our line… our new linemen which I fully expect we’ll address.

We need guys with a mean streak in that interior. Guys who can bite the head off a live turkey. Sick and tired of no push on that offensive line and all this “undersize” nonsense.

I see that Gerhart kid’s entering the draft.

I want somebody like him. If he falls and we got extra picks why not, he’s a damn horse and we need something like that. I’m not too thrilled about having two finesse running backs, we need a hammer. We need a slugger to compliment Moreno. You can pick them up in the later rounds. He don’t gotta do nothing but grab the football with two hands and move the pile a yard. Someone young and not over the hill would be a plus.

One damn yard. How hard was it to get one yard this year? 3rd and 8 was better for us than 3rd and 1.

Although they weren’t playing well anyways, certainly not the team that went 6 and 0, even still: 3rd and 25 in that Eagles game… Make the stop? Then we don’t go for the touchdown in the end of the Raiders game, after that mistake field goal, we even manage get the ball back and can’t even bleed out the clock for two minutes… can’t run the ball. Then it’s fourth and ten and for some reason we can’t stop Jamarcus Russell. We’re looking at 10 and 6 otherwise. It’s a game of inches alright, and I want a beater back there.

People wonder why we were flat when we played Kansas City, I don’t think for a second it was Marshall’s fault, although that nonsense didn’t help. But those close losses, especially after battling back in the Eagles game, they are killers.

I got a feeling one of them two teams, San Diego or the Colts are going down. Either the Jets or the Ravens are gonna run the football down one of them’s throats. Something we couldn’t do, run the football.