Saw the combine, I rate Fairley and Dareus very high. I wasn’t too impressed with Richard Quinn, Von Miller looked OK.

I cannot believe the incredible displays of porous logic surrounding Broncos mock drafts around the blogosphere.

Patrick Peterson? You’re kidding, right?

I don’t know how a person watches this Broncos team and comes away thinking we should be the first team in history to draft a cornerback with the second pick in the draft.

I don’t know how you do it.

I’m writing down names, I sense an incredulity on a level hitherto never before seen. They must be in love with this cornerback.

I don’t really care though, because I’m confident that Fox and friends will do the right thing. I am confident the Broncos will address the defensive front seven with the second pick in the draft.

What I will do, I will now educate the masses that feel we must tie up millions upon millions of dollars in not one, but two shut down corners.

We have a shutdown corner, that’s more than most teams can say. We don’t have a defensive line.

I want these people, these Patrick Peterson bandwagoners, I want them to name our defensive linemen.

Name them.

1. Elvis Dumervil —  Dumervil is a good pass rusher, but you can also make the case that he is a liability against the run.

2. Justin Bannan — Bannan is solid, has a good motor. A starter, yet largely unspectacular.

3. Marcus Thomas — Are we going to even sign this guy? How long have we waited for Thomas to take the “next step.” Too long.

4. Ronald Fields — Thanks for your service Ronald, you were a semblance of a nose tackle when we needed one.

5. Kevin Vickerson — This guy is probably gone. He was OK at times. At times. A part time starter.

6. Jamal Williams — He’ll probably retire. Will we even miss him?

7. Robert Ayers — Ayers is a maybe. He’s a decent run stopper, maybe he comes around and can rush the passer some too… maybe. I am sick and tired of waiting around for maybe’s. You confident he will “be the player we expected him to be” in a 4-3? I’m not. I’ve had enough of this waiting around to see if a defensive lineman can do something.

The others don’t deserve mention. I suppose these Patrick Peterson fans can’t wait for us to start Ryan McBean again this season? Eh? Is that what you people want? Is that your master plan?

It stinks. So does our front seven on defense. As a whole unit, they stink.

Was watching NFL Network earlier, Deion Sanders, Mayock, Wilcotts all said it: You don’t draft a cornerback that high. Deion himself stated it will probably never happen. He said a cornerback will have to have twice the value of a defensive lineman in order to pick one that high.

This Denver Broncos team needs an infusion of talent, toughness and youth in the defensive front seven. This draft will have a couple potential franchise defensive linemen sitting right there at the second pick… The Broncos are going to pass up that opportunity?

You people stuck on drafting a corner are sick. You are. I’m telling you this for your own good. Listen to the voice of reason. Listen to the truth. I am the truth. The Broncos will address their woeful front seven by picking a potential franchise defensive lineman. A young, talented franchise lineman who could help us win games for a decade.

You win games, you win championships with big, tough, mean, talented players at the point of attack. Big, talented players capable of great destruction playing like mad at the tip of the spear. The Packers had B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, Cullen Jenkins…

The Denver Broncos defensive spear has been dull for the better part of a decade. Even with Elvis Dumervil. One man can only do so much.

Schlereth, Zimmerman, Neil Smith, Keith Traylor, Alfred Williams… all players who wreaked havoc at the point of attack.

Hell, even Jumpy Geathers would be a welcome upgrade to our defensive line. That ain’t no joke either. He would be a star on our woeful defensive line.

We re-signed Champ Bailey, we have an amazing need for defensive front seven help, this draft has a couple potential franchise defensive lineman and you mean to tell me we’re going to draft a cornerback with that first round pick?


You’ve got to be kidding.

Here is P.P.’s one and only 2011 Broncos mock draft:

With the second pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Denver Broncos select:

Da’Quan Bowers, Nick Fairley or Marcell Dareus

Dark Horse: Von Miller

I believe the Panthers will select Nick Fairley with the first pick. If that goes down, I believe we will draft Bowers. If not Bowers, it will be Fairley, Dareus or Miller.  I believe that Fairley is a no-brainer if the Panthers took a QB like Adam Schefter claims they could. Besides their dominant college play, when I compared Fairley’s combine to Suh, I felt Suh did just a little better overall. I still felt that Fairley is the top DT in this draft, the athleticism, the freakish moves and ability are all there. I do not see the Broncos passing up on a potential franchise defensive lineman. In fact, you can’t in this spot. Picking second in this draft? You can’t pass up the chance at a potential franchise defensive lineman if you are the Denver Broncos here. Passing up the chance at a franchise lineman here is likened to a team that needs a QB passing on one of the top two franchise QB prospects in a year with good QB’s. Ridiculous. Sorry Legwold and friends.

How can the Denver Broncos acquire a B.J. Raji? A Casey Hampton? A Julius Peppers?

They can’t, not outside this draft. This is their best and only chance. Those kind of players come at an absolute premium, if they even become available at all. A run stopping pass rusher? Are you people aware of what they can do for your defense? Look at the Lions this year to see what a top defensive lineman can do for your defense. Don’t you Peterson rubes see why these players are either franchised or command ludicrous sums of money?

No, no, we’re gonna pass and take a corner… “maybe we’ll get lucky down the road on some defensive linemen when we’re back to perennially picking at 18, you can’t build Rome in a day.”  That is porous logic on a level hitherto never before seen. I am confident Elway and Co. will not follow that dismal train of brainwave inactivity. The Broncos have major issues at the point of attack and the cure starts now. It better start now.

This type of inane thinkery takes the cake though: “Our defensive front seven won’t be that bad with Dumervil coming back.”

Oh yes it will. Defensive line is an incredible need for the Broncos.

With the fourth pick in the second round the Broncos select: DT Stephen Paea

If we took Fairley or Dareus, then we could take a defensive end here instead. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Broncos take a DE or DT with the first pick and then a DT or DE respectively in the second round.

This draft is deep with defensive line talent. Broncos need defensive line talent. Nuff’ said.

With the remaining picks, I really don’t care. Take the best available player or best in a position of need. I would rate our major needs as : DL, OL, S, LB, RB

Taking an offensive lineman in the second round wouldn’t be bad, nor would taking a running back. We need a change of pace back, hopefully a big bruising back. That 6′ 230 lb Mikel LeShoure comes to mind, if he was there for us in the second round that selection wouldn’t bother me one bit.

Taking a corner with the first pick would bother me. Some kind of sad joke that would be. Yeah let’s just stockpile shutdown corners, let’s tie up all our money in cornerbacks while our defensive line gives up 150 yards on the ground and 400 yards through the air because Ryan McBean’s starting (yet again) and only one guy can rush the quarterback.

If the Broncos defensive line was all set, if we had ample talent at the point of the spear, then Patrick Peterson would be a fine choice. The Broncos defensive line is not all set, it is not talented and we have the chance to draft a game changing franchise defensive lineman.

To those who have an ear, let them hear, for I offer this advice: Take the Peterson to Broncos mocks and throw them in the woods.  They suck.

Join P.P. who will be feasting on prime rib and primo chicken wings… come watch the triumphant unveiling of the truth on April 28th as a freakishly talented lineman waltzes down that aisle and proudly dons an official 2011 Denver Broncos draft hat.

Come all ye who are starving for the truth, you people with stunted, sun baked eyes and clouded brains, let the rays of intelligence flowing from P.P.’s mind enlighten all ye.

I will be triumphant. A new era of Broncos defense will begin at the point of attack.

Anything else is uncivilized.