The Sports Illustrated jinx is in full effect.

No more Tebow on the cover of SI thank you.

No Madden covers either please.

Pretty much figured this game was over after the second quarter debacle.

You can’t turn the ball over three times like that against Brady and Co. or just about any team and expect to win.

The Indianapolis Colts defense played better against the Pats. That’s right, the fricken Colts.

This is a reminder that the Denver Broncos defense is not great. They’ve been opportunistic lately, not great.

I’ll tell you something, this defense better shape up or we can kiss the playoffs goodbye. The Bills game is no gimme, neither is the Chiefs. This defense hasn’t played very well the last few games and it stunk the place up today. I expected Brady to throw the ball well on us, I didn’t expect the Patriots to run at will on us.

Better shape up there or we’re screwed. They seem worn down, happens every year around this time. Better get things straightened out right quick or its down the river on s $^&thouse door baby.

We couldn’t pressure Brady with any consistency and they ran the ball pretty well all day long.

I want to see those Eddie Royal option plays canned–they suck.

Can Willis McGahee stay on the field for once? I say we need a young Willis McGahee for a reason.

I will say one thing about New England: They’ll be screwed against a Baltimore or Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Those teams won’t make the mistakes we made today and they’ll play better defense.

Same could be said for the Broncos, but knowledgeable fans realize just being in the playoffs would be a “win” this year. This team has a lot of holes and areas to upgrade.

At least they had a dog riding monkey at halftime.

One Broncos “fan” is thrilled today: Mark Schlereth.