Von Miller to the rescue (Reuters photo)

The Broncos defense obviously had a good outing, the pass rush is much improved. All that’s left for pass rushing domination is adding a name player at tackle or defensive end. A player in the interior that teams have to worry about. Stopping the run will still be the weakness of this defense in the regular season.

The Broncos starting offense redeemed itself with the second half drive but in the big picture I’m not all that impressed. We’ll be inconsistent on offense and we will struggle to run the ball and pass protect against good teams.

If the Broncos are going to name Brady Quinn the second string quarterback, I’m here to say that’s a mistake.

In the preseason (I don’t care about practice) Tim Tebow has performed well given the offensive line acts like an absolute sieve when he’s behind center. Can anybody pass protect for this kid? Seriously, I got a feeling that Quinn has buddies he’s paid off on the second team offensive line.

Part of me would have liked to see Brady Quinn sub in halfway through the fourth quarter. I would have liked to see what Brady Quinn could do behind that constant in-your-face pressure.

Same goes for Kyle Orton for that matter.

If Kyle Orton goes down in the regular season, if he does an ankle against some team–which is a decent enough possibility considering our offensive line–who are you going to put in there? Brady Quinn? A carbon copy of Orton who is duck soup against the rush?

Or Tebow? Who can pass well enough and do things the other two quarterbacks simply never will be able to do against the rush?

Something to be said about this kid making the plays he did under such a consistent in-your-face rush. It’s a friggen’ miracle he even has the decent preseason stats he has given the pressure he’s gotten.