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The Denver Broncos basically played the Denver Broncos today. Some will claim the running game is back, the run defense is fixed and the Broncos are sitting proud at the top of the division.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

I saw two bad teams playing out there today.

The Broncos gave lowly Cincinnati every chance to win this game with a field goal and the Bengals screwed the proverbial pooch.

The real schedule begins next week against the Titans in Nashville. From there on out it won’t be pretty. We played a bad football team today at home and just eeked out a win.

We can run against the lowly Bengals, we can pass protect and we can defend their running game. We will not be able to do these things against the better teams.

All things considered though, Kyle Orton was a monster out there and the running game and defense is back baby! This team is sitting pretty atop the division!

McGahee is a beast!

Enjoy it while it lasts Broncos faithful. P.P. will weather the likes Mike Klis and his glowing assessments of the playoff-bound Broncos.

For a week.


Mike Klis Denver Post

"Just Believe"

Mike Klis Denver Post

"Just Believe"