John Fox Broncos

Yes Tebow sucked, but on a lot of those downs what more can you ask? The Denver offense is a double whammy of suckage: The way Tebow is playing right now and the *conservative-to-a-fault playcalling. Horrible. That’s how you call a playoff game there Fox and McCoy? What a joke. Take some chances for crying out loud.

At least the defense showed up. At least Willis McGahee showed up.

The silver lining is the Broncos are in the playoffs for the first time in years. At least they managed to get there.

They’re gonna pile on Teebs this week, and rightly so, but remember: Making the playoffs has a lot to do with Tim Tebow leading us to wins earlier this year in division games.

Von Miller = non-entity.

It boggles the mind that we can’t call any short passes.

This gameplan better change in the playoffs. Let it rip more, more short passes. Maybe this ship of fools can get lucky against a hobbled Big Ben.