Tim Tebow

The Comeback Kid

If I hear another so-called analyst say Tim Tebow cannot throw the football it may get personal.

I don’t want to hear it any more.

Boomer Esiason looked like he just bit into a live frog.

“Kid Can’t Play, Can’t Throw,” genius words “Boomer.”

Maybe we ought to change his name to Boofer.

Don’t want to hear anymore garbage from Tom  Jackson… still just “fun to watch” for now Tommy?

Looking forward to the draft Tommy? Instead of celebrating a big win on the road… yet again?

Last week Mark Schlereth and others had the audacity to claim Timmy Teebs won’t be playing for the Broncos next year or any team.

Good luck with that dude, sounds like wishful thinking.

I don’t want to hear any more about John Elway’s phantom franchise quarterback. Be smart, draft a second or third rounder and groom him if Tebow eventually fails. Don’t break the bank trying to move up for an unproven commodity that ” might look the part.”

Earth to John Fox: Your quarterback CAN throw.

If anyone on the Denver Broncos deserves ridicule, it is the coach and every member of the front office who were responsible for starting Kyle Orton.

I don’t want to hear another word of criticism out of Elway’s mouth: Tim Tebow is bailing your ass out Mr. Elway.

Tim Tebow is bailing you out from your horrible 1 and 4 decision. Instead of tied for the AFC West, we should be up at least two games.

P.S. Us running out of the I formation sucks 80% of the time.