(AP Photo) Quinn could be a starter in the NFL after his much improved practice play.

PHOENIX, Arizona (APP) – The clear winner of the Broncos second string quarterback competition crashed and burned last night in the Broncos final NFL preseason game.  Five year NFL veteran Brady Quinn played the entire first half and he completed just 4 of 12 passes along with throwing an interception and losing a fumble. After the game, reporter Mike Klis of the Denver Post failed to mention the fumble in his post game analysis. The Broncos offense managed only one first down with Brady Quinn at the helm but a few highlights deserved mention like hanging a receiver out to dry and throwing to the invisible man on the sideline. Beloved Denver newspaper reporter Mike Klis also blamed Quinn’s horrible performance on a lack of playing time last week despite the fact that Quinn’s performance grew increasingly dreadful as the game wore on.

“Quinn, perhaps bothered by rust after not playing in the previous preseason game against Seattle,had a rough night against the Cardinals.” Klis wrote.

” He’s the clear number two QB in Denver,” said Laurence Bigby, a thirty one year old Broncos fan from Phoenix. ” He’s clearly number two because of his amazing practice play and the fact that Dave Kreiger of the Denver Post thinks he deserves the promotion.”

” It was incredible to see just how well his (Quinn) practice play translated to the actual game last night, ” said Noreen Davis, a Broncos fan who traveled from Greeley to Phoenix. ” I read an article by Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post that said practice play was the hallmark of John Elway and that players who practice well are the real true gamers,” she said.

“It was truly inspiring to see Brady Quinn out there tonight and see those truths cemented in reality, I feel enriched,” Davis added.

(AP Photo) "The Banality Duo" strikes fear into the heart of every NFL defense

(AP Photo) "The Banality Duo" strikes fear into the heart of every NFL defense

Although the Broncos failed to run the football and scored no points at the half, their fans dotting the seats at University Stadium stayed loyal. “I still really feel confident about Quinn being our true number two quarterback going into this season,” said Bert Grossman, a retired plumber from Boulder. “It doesn’t matter that he’s never really done anything in his five seasons as an NFL player, I heard he worked with some good trainer person in the offseason.”

“He’s a changed quarterback.”

In a recent ESPN interview with Eric Mangini, the former Browns coach claimed a second string offense should have an advantage playing a second string defense. Following that reason and logic, it seems the offense should have a decided advantage if its quarterback is a five year veteran.

When all was said and done, the woefully ineffective Quinn posted a modest, if not measly 7.6 quarterback rating.

OK, it was horrific.

We contacted Broncos oracle and soothsayer P.P. Dublinski after the first half and he had this to say, ” Brady Quinn will be working the booth as a CBS analyst in two years, mark my words.”

(AP Photo) "Practice players are the real gamers" - Jeff Legwold

“What’s going on in Denver is a disgrace, the Elway led front office botched the Orton trade and now they’re blaming their mess on the kid (Tebow)” Dublinski said.

Dublinski claimed he didn’t buy any of the hype surrounding Quinn’s stellar practices and the quarterback’s amazing game against Dallas scrubs. Dublinski claimed he knew Brady Quinn wasn’t up to the task of leading the Broncos offense in any meaningful way from the beginning, dubbing the veteran backup “a poor man’s Kyle Orton.”

“If Kyle Orton gets injured this season, and I see Brady Quinn warming up, it’s going to be trouble, big trouble.”

“They(the Broncos front office) want to bury their trade mistake and they’ve decided to take it out on the kid by turning around and propping up some weird and thoroughly banal Orton/Quinn offense, but it’s not going to work and I sure as hell ain’t gonna let them get away with this crap,” a defiant Dublinski proclaimed.

“See what he does with a little time to throw? The fact that he’s not playing behind the first team line is nothing short of criminal,” Dublinski added.

“I want this team investigated, I believe they want to lose propping up these journeymen quarterbacks and want Andrew Luck.”

Tim Tebow started the third quarter and much of the fourth. Tebow actually managed to move the offense and gained positive yards with his legs when the plays were covered to better set up the Broncos punt team.  The much maligned first round pick completed 7 of 11 passes including a 43 yard touchdown bomb to receiver Eron Riley. He managed to produce despite playing behind the Broncos woeful third team offensive line.

A report from Rotoworld.com surfaced after the game. It was clearly not the writing of some emaciated sea cucumber just going with the flow:

“It was a brutal performance in Quinn’s first Denver start. He continues to look better in practices than games whereas Tim Tebow does the opposite. Tebow completed 7-of-11 passes for 116 yards and a 43-yard touchdown pass to Erron Riley to cap off a 94-yard passing drive in the fourth quarter. Quinn finished the preseason 22-of-42 (52.3 percent) for 276 yards (6.6 YPA), and a 2-2 TD-to-INT ratio. The much maligned Tebow ended up 20-of-31 (64.5 percent) for 310 yards (10.0 YPA), and one touchdown. It’s clear who the primary backup should be.”

There were no incidents to report at University Stadium, however wild laughing and howling emanated from one of the high priced box seats at halftime. Phoenix police soon investigated and found none other than ESPN’s Skip Bayless laughing so hard he pissed himself.

(Ap Photo) Timmy Tebow should be starting.