It is what it is.

The Denver Broncos need five new starters on defense. Two defensive tackles, a middle linebacker and TWO safeties. Dawkins is probably gone, Quinton Carter can stay — and that’s it. I don’t want to see the rest. We should get at least one safety in free agency. Drafting safeties hasn’t worked out so well. Fifty one in the middle is outmatched and has been all year — nice interception drop too.

We need a fullback, a starting running back and a wide receiver (or two) who can catch. You see how our running game absolutely stalls when Mcgahee isn’t in there? He’s good for a couple carries once in a while and that’s that. Don’t want to see that next year. We need a young, strong running back that teams must fear. We’ve also got 88 at receiver and who else? Eddie Royal shouldn’t even be here next year. Doesn’t do enough.

Team has a lot of needs, we are outmatched out there today. The good news is this team can get a lot better on both sides of the ball and quickly if we make the right moves. Right now, a true number one running back is a priority for this team.