Brady Quinn Broncos
Fox Sports Jay Glazer reports the Broncos traded FB Peyton Hillis and two conditional draft picks for QB Brady Quinn.

Oh well, we’ll see about Quinn, he’ll have every chance to do something in Denver, if he can do something. He’s got potential and he learned a similar system under that Charlie Weis. We could still draft a QB this year, but now I don’t think it will be anywhere in the first three rounds.

I’m hoping one of the the conditional picks we gave up is a late round pick next year.



Broncos traded FB Peyton Hillis, a 2011 6th-round draft selection and a late-round 2012 pick to Cleveland for quarterback Brady Quinn.

Not a bad deal. If they think he can perform he stays on, and if he don’t he could even get cut and we’re no worse for wear. Weren’t even using Hillis, and probably couldn’t get more than a 6th rounder for him anyways.