Frank Schwab over at the Colorado Gazette thinks the Broncos ought to target a running back in the mid to late rounds.

Like I responded, I believe the same thing, we need a good young slugger to compliment Moreno. I don’t believe our problem last year was Knowshon Moreno, as some people want to dub him a bust  after one season. Jerome Bettis in his prime would have trouble getting one yard running up the middle for the Broncos in 2009. This nonsense that Moreno “just didn’t find the holes,” being floated out there is a joke. He’s a player, he’ll improve and more importantly our offensive line, the interior of that line must improve. Moreno showed flashes of greatness, he’s got moves, he catches brilliantly, he’ll be a player for us for years to come. I am glad he’s playing for us and not the Chargers where he would  kill us for years catching those dinks from Philip Rivers.

One of my wishes for 2010 is a good young slugger to compliment Moreno, maybe some guy in the mid rounds. 6’1 230 who can just hold on to that football and grind out hard yardage. I’m not wild about having two finesse backs splitting the majority of the carries. My hope is Moreno gets the majority of the carries, gets spelled by Buckhalter, and we get a new young tough guy for grinding the short yards. Hillis, I don’t know what the hell is up with him, I think he said something bad about the coach’s wife and there you have it, he’s done.  He’ll probably be a Redskin in 2010.