Well we got Dumervil locked up, you see that Krieger chiming in, trying to root up rotten weeds where there ain’t none? I see you Krieger, he’s good for coming in there and throwing mindless bombs at times–I remember him talking bad about the team on the radio last offseason. He was out there badmouthing and yucking it up with some goobers¬† before a single down was played. I don’t forget. Day after the Marshall trade he’s saying we got the ass end of the stick. We’ll see who the geniuses are. For the last time McDaniels career don’t depend on nothing but winning, Tebow could bust, Dumervil could put up only 7 sacks–things that wouldn’t matter one bit in regards to the coach’s career if this team becomes competitive in the post season.

The Broncos should finalize Decker’s four-year contract today, a deal which figures to include a bonus of $732,000, give or take a few dollars. Beadles’ contract is expected to be finalized by Tuesday. The Broncos hope the Tebow and Thomas deals will be completed in time for practice Thursday, and no later than the first full-squad workout that starts at 8:45 a.m. Sunday.

It’s difficult to imagine the Broncos becoming anything more than mediocre on offense. The unit has lost so much spectacular young talent at the skill positions while reloading with so much youth on the line that an offensive juggernaut is unlikely.

Spectacular young talent, eh? Jay Huckdort Cutler I presume? Lamenting a gooned out pick throwing Huckdort? Huckdort raising his arm in the air all overconfident after the defense won a game for him? Huckdort’s arm is better than Elway’s? Never forget the gall of that Dort, nor the gooned out look. Let’s see, last year we were forcing the ball to “the best wide receiver in football,” and losing games. Our offensive line was atrocious in the middle, my God we better damn well be improved in the offensive line interior. Anything will be better than last year, how many times did we get stuffed big time when it counted? We had defensive tackles catching our running backs in the backfield, defensive tackles running down our quarterback. After the Baltimore game just about every team blitzed up our middle and it worked.

I’m not concerned about our wide receivers, in fact I’m optimistic. This Thomas looks promising, a tight end who moves around like a receiver sounds good. I think he’ll be running around like a demon on speed out there, looked like a man among boys in the footage I’ve seen of him. Gaffney isn’t bad at all, Royal could overcome his sophomore jinx. Eric Decker, who knows. Orton will be more comfortable in the system… I believe we will be improved out there on offense. Especially if we get more creative with our short yardage plays–which we shall. All along I said get rid of Marshall, you can replace receivers, you can split up his production. You can replace a Marshall (thank goodness) but you can’t replace a Dumervil.¬† The premium on his position and his excellent character are damn sure why we paid a mint for him.

My condolences to the Cowher family.