It’s the third quarter, but I can predict the future.

Defense sucks, offense sucks, other than that everything’s just peachy. We just lost to a team that was 1-15 last year and I’m not even fazed by it.

I feel sorry for people who got excited over the fact that the Broncos still had a shot at the playoffs.

This is a low day in Broncos history, you can add to it Huckdort having a banner day and Hillis running for 131 yards. By the way, Alphonso Smith? I don’t really mind that he went to the Lions. You watch the Lions this week? He’s a horrible tackler and gave horrible effort overall. We’re OK at cornerback but it doesn’t matter because our defense sucks overall and our pass rush is non-existent.

Yes I am a Broncos fan. I’ve been a Broncos fan since 1975. I’ve been a Broncos fan through thick and thin. But I don’t care, I’ve had it with 2010.

I want a top five pick.

I don’t want the Broncos to win another game this season. I’m rooting for the Bills, the Panthers, the Vikings and others.

I want a top five pick and I don’t give two $#[^$ if that means the coach’s ass.