Well we know what we got in Tebow, he’s a gamer out there. He proved himself last Sunday. He looked decent, but now it’s time to start Brady Quinn. We traded away Peyton Hillis for Quinn, we gave up a good player there and it’s time to see what our backup quarterback can do.

Tebow just signed a deal with FRS, he just chose this healthy energy drink company over Gatorade. It’s probably the worst possible time to risk injury to Tebow on the heels of his new business venture. It’s a losing season, he doesn’t have anything to prove so we should bench his ass this Sunday and let the Mighty Quinnby take over–it’s only fair.

Quinn hasn’t been given any chances to shine out there and I want justice. Let the kid play.

I am worried as hell the Broncos will win this Sunday against the Texans. Hopefully Kubiak will get all pumped up to score a victory over his old team. Hopefully the Texans can run all day on us.

Da'Quan BowersI officially designate this Sunday’s game against the Texans the Da’Quan Bowers Bowl.

The Broncos currently hold the second pick in the 2011 draft and I DO NOT want them to win another game. Get Tebow the hell out of there, let him rest for next season.

Da’Quan Bowers is just what we need, he’s the Michael Strahan, the Julius Peppers this organization needs and we better hold the second pick in the draft to land him. All this talk of us desperately needing a cornerback is ludicrous, it’s crazy even if Champ Bailey leaves. That’s right, we have a Champ Bailey starting now and look at the good it does us–not. The Broncos need a Champ Bailey in the front seven. The Broncos must pay out the ass for theĀ  star defensive lineman we desperately need. This Bowers is the ticket. They better also pay out the ass to acquire an offensive lineman this offseason. I prefer a veteran run blocker, enough with these rookies in training.

Our defense can switch to a 4-3 scheme, we’ll have Dumervil on one side, Bowers on the other and we can move Ayers to linebacker along with Haggan and D.J Williams. Maybe even put that Joe Mays in the middle, let him knock some heads in there.

The Broncos should do the right thing and sit Tebow for this Texans game, if not, the future of the franchise hangs in the balance.

Start Brady Quinn now.