John Fox Broncos

Draft history will repeat itself (AP Photo)

The Broncos named John Fox their new head coach today.

In John Fox’s first year with the Carolina Panthers, the team had the second pick in the 2002 draft.

They chose Julius Peppers.

In 2011, Fox’s new team has the second pick in the draft.

We better choose Julius Peppers, or Neil Smith.

You see that Bowers? That Fairley? That’s the next Julius Peppers and the next Neil Smith out there.

I don’t care who the Broncos picked as their next head coach, but I do care who we pick first in the draft.

It better be Bowers or Fairley, you don’t pay out the ass for a cornerback.

Brandon Lloyd, Champ Bailey? If they want tons of money, then each of them can go. We’ll be fine. That’s right, just like we replaced Marshall with Lloyd, we can replace Champ with a second rounder or someone in free agency, we can replace Lloyd with Thomas.

You don’t pay out the ass for a corner. You don’t pay out the ass for a wide receiver. You do break the bank for top tier defensive line talent.

Defensive line–talk about the Denver Broncos most dire position of need, and we better address it. I want us to draft a 9 year starter on our defensive line with that first round pick.

Anything less is uncivilized.