Denver Post:

The Broncos don’t see Brandon Marshall as a distraction and the Post mentions a few other teams that had some success with a disgruntled player on the roster.

Head Coach Josh McDaniels claims the team is apparently happy with their roster and currently has no intentions of meeting with newly reinstated QB Michael Vick.

Jeff Legwold writes on the All Things Broncos Blog that Friday is really the day to have high profile rookies Robert Ayers and Knowshon Moreno’s contracts completed.


An article on Kyle Orton points out it’s the first time in his NFL career to enter training camp as the starting Quarterback.

Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall was held out of the second day of camp due to “residual soreness,” apparently in his hips.

Colorado Springs Gazette:

Reporter Frank Schwab gives us a quick rundown of yesterday’s practice and adds that having rookies report early to camp before the veterans is a change not seen since Dan Reeves’ last year as head coach of Denver in 1992.