Denver Post:

Woody Paige takes a guess at the Broncos starting roster of players and mentions the Broncos hired a new director of video operations Steve Scarnecchia. Woody seems to imply the signing is controversial since Scarnecchia worked with the Patriots video staff from 2001-2004 and the Jets for the last three years. Two years ago a Patriots assistant was caught illegally taping Jets defensive signals and “Scarnecchia’s name came up.” Sounds a bit more like a slow news day.

Paige also offers advice on what to look for during camp and how to approach players for autographs in his mailbag segment.

Lindsay Jones reports the Broncos early depth chart positions will remain very fluid with starters rotating in the morning and afternoon workouts. Players coming off injuries D.J. Williams and Brandon Marshall were held out from another day of practice.

Jeff Legwold looks at of rookie Center Blake Schlueter’s rise from small town life to the NFL. Schlueter is listed at 279 pounds, the smallest of the Broncos offensive linemen, but McDaniels described him as a “really strong player, a great athlete at his position, who plays bigger than he is.”

Vikings WR Bobby Wade claims Brian Urlacher called new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler the p word that sounds like wussy in private. Urlacher denies the comment.


A piece on rookie CB Alphonso Smith surfaces at CBS4, the Broncos will give Smith every opportunity to be the versatile player he was in college.

Colorado Springs Gazette:

Frank Schwab reports the Broncos quarterbacks also arrived in camp a week early, in addition to the rookie players.

A piece on Tight Ends Richard Quinn and Marquez Branson who became friends before the draft and were both signed by the Broncos. The article also talks about how Josh McDaniels has been happy with Alphonso Smith’s play and attitude thus far and that he’s been pleased with the information retention of the Broncos new quarterbacks.