Kyle "Cuckooman" Orton (AP Photo)

The Seattle Seahawks offense stinks so bad that I really believe they absolutely cannot go with Tarvaris Jackson as the starter in the regular season. If they do, it’s 5-11, if that. Every terrible thing the sports media says about Tebow’s play is actually true about Jackson.

Nevermind that. The real story is the Broncos starting offense.

Do some  of you people seriously want more of this? Do you really want to go through another ten games of this Kyle Orton offense?

What a joke. I bet some rubes will point out our one good drive where we managed to run the ball like an average team. We did that last year.

The Broncos defense is giving the offense opportunity after opportunity and what do we have to show for it?

Ten points at the half.

A good team would put up at least 20 points. Instead, a truly woeful team like Seattle is still in this game at the half.

Get used to the Broncos playing better on defense, but get used to being inconsistent on offense and inconsistent as hell running the football in particular. Also, Brandon Lloyd will be double covered all year long. He’s not sneaking up on anybody this year. The “Orton to Lloyd” connection? Not gonna be easy this year.

You fantasy goons out there, you better go with Decker and this Julius Thomas, teams don’t respect Royal and they’re gonna be all over Lloyd at all times.

How bout that run by Orton for a first down? I mean three and out.

We can’t move this offense consistently against this bad team? With all these opportunities?

The first ten games of the Broncos 2011 season are going to suck.

This is what some of you people want? This is what you want? Good luck with that.

This offensive line isn’t good enough to run the ball with consistency, it isn’t good enough to run the ball against a good team. Never mind a great one.

This line isn’t all that great at pass blocking either. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mobile quarterback who can evade the rush,¬† one who can get those hard first downs and keep the chains moving?

Instead, we have a boring, inconsistent offense.

Not good enough, sorry.

The way we’re going, I’m predicting 6 and 10. I don’t see anything changing that.