It would be a smart move if we can get a third or fourth rounder for him. Hell, anything we can get really.

Here’s how I believed it would go down anyways: Lloyd asks for way too much money this offseason and blames his failing to make the Pro Bowl on Fox’s run first scheme .

Like I said, 80% chance Lloyd isn’t even here next year.

We have too many needs on this team to pay out the ass for a receiver who isn’t all that. He’s a good receiver, not great.

Some might say this hurts Tebow because Lloyd won’t be there to make circus catches… well what good would it do our young QB if his number one receiver takes off in free agency? Better to start throwing to guys who will be around next year, namely Decker and hopefully Thomas. It would be sweet if Demaryius Thomas can stay healthy but I ain’t holding my breath.

Other names being bandied about unofficially are Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey. Dawkins going to a contender wouldn’t bother me, same with Champ Bailey quite honestly. I was fairly certain we would let Champ Bailey go in free agency last year. I wasn’t against resigning him, however I had a bad feeling that we would sign him to a big contract and then he’d end up on the sidelines injured more often than playing on the field. A top flight cornerback is a luxury, it’s a final piece of the defense when you have a good front seven. We don’t have a good front seven yet. We haven’t fielded a very good front seven for years. Bailey isn’t a huge difference maker right now.