Unbelievable. I will not be insulted like this. Looks like I’m outta here yet again.

Come week 10 we’ll see who the geniuses are.

We’ll also see who the rubes, degenerates and sea cucumbers are. The decrepit sea cucumbers just going with the flow, going wherever the tide takes them based on snake oil, dingleberry juice and half-truths.

Peyton Manning Bench

Peyton Manning’s ass becomes one inch flatter as the decrepit Steelers own the time of possession by a full ten minutes.

I am a rock. My words are iron.

This team is gonna get hammered in the coming weeks. The flaws are evident. To those who have an ear, let them hear what P.P. Dublinski is saying.

To the rest of yous, I can’t do nothin’ for ya.


Mark my words the narrative will change.