The deal is reportedly between 40 and 44 million.

It looks like Champ decided to sign a reasonable offer with the Broncos instead of playing hardball and signing elsewhere. Interesting that after all this negotiating he agrees to a hometown discount. Maybe he tested the waters and found there really wasn’t that much more to be gained with other teams.  I’m fine with it, Bailey has P.P.’s blessing for this turn of events. Just as long as we have enough cash to sign Bowers, Fairley or Dareus.

Like I’ve said, he either signs something reasonable or he walks–no need to break the proverbial bank to try and keep him. 44 million isn’t much more than the original 40 million we offered in October. We’ll see how age affects him, I think he certainly has two more years left of high level play as a cornerback, then maybe a move to safety might be in the cards.

I do hope this puts to rest any thought of signing Patrick Peterson once and for all.

It’s time to address the defensive line. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Broncos come out of those first two rounds with a defensive end and a defensive tackle.

By the way, this talk of “Von Miller” is ridiculous. Yeah let’s draft a 3-4 outside linebacker for our new 4-3 scheme. We will draft Fairley, Bowers or Dareus. Anything else is uncivilized. This Von Miller talk is nothing but flavor of the month.