Justin Bannan

Justin Bannan

The Broncos cut ties with NT Jamal Williams and DE Justin Bannan. Bannan was a little bit of a surprise but whatever, he was a large man but largely unspectacular.

Klis: Does this mean Alabama’s Marcell Dareus or Auburn’s Nick Fairley are now under heavy consideration for the Broncos’ No. 2 draft pick?

Was that ever in question? Should that have ever been in question? We’re moving to a 4-3 and we need 4-3 players on the line, that’s not difficult to figure out. Wasn’t difficult to figure out in January. Klis mentions NT Ronald Fields won’t be back either, I suppose we still shouldn’t draft defensive linemen in a draft deep with them?

Each week you got that genius Legwold suggesting we take just about everybody except defensive linemen with our first pick, what the hell does this guy have against impact players on the defensive line?

He finally mentions Dareus, although I believe that Dareus doesn’t quite have the agility of Fairley or Bowers. Fairley looked like a quick cat you could line up anywhere, be it DE or DT. Dareus looked more like a Wilfork, a Casey Hampton, a big,  stalwart anchor on the line. Any one of the top three defensive linemen is OK with me though.

The State of the Broncos Defensive Line

Who do we have left on our defensive line? Dumervil, Ayers and a Ham Sandwich?

I bet the Broncos are listening to P.P. and will draft two defensive linemen, one in the first round and one in the second. Also, it could mean we are set on signing a defensive lineman in free agency… or hell, both. John Fox did a decent job with bringing in defensive line talent in his tenure with the Panthers, here’s to hoping he’ll do the same in Denver. I don’t care whether “His early first round home runs were just consensus picks”–Still, he got the job done and didn’t draft a cornerback with that second pick.

In other news, speculation of Jeremy Shockey to the Broncos hit a wall today after the Panthers signed him. Good, because he’s not that great and his attitude reminds me of Tony Scheffler–it sucks. We’ll draft a tight end late, or pick someone up in free agency. Laurence Maroney is gone, and so is the fourth rounder we gave away to get him. You win some, you lose some, we lost on that one. Whatever, a fourth round pick isn’t a huge deal.