John Elway Tebow

“I want pocket passer…. eh… um…. duhhhh” “Win with Kyle duhhh”

So the Broncos lose a premiere pass rusher because he signs on the dotted line seven minutes late… Some joke that is.

Oh I’m sure the Broncos blogs are all on fire with the big news of Wes Welker to Denver. Broncos for sure to the Super Bowl now.

I ain’t impressed.

Yeah he’s a good receiver and the Broncos needed an upgrade in the slot. However, this team sorely needs a running back, middle linebacker, defensive tackles and a hard hitting safety.

There were lots of hard hitting safeties on the market, don’t understand that one. This team needs one and it don’t have it.

This team don’t have a running back.

Not impressed with the middle linebackers.

Not impressed with the defensive tackles — this Jaguar guy reminds me of a bigger Marcus Thomas. There’s a few loons still waiting for him to be a big-time player.

Not impressed with our safeties, especially now that Quinton Carter has gone bust in Vegas. He was the one semblance of an enforcer back there.

This team ain’t going to the Super Bowl this year. Not unless they get LUCKY in the draft at MULTIPLE positions.

Von Miller guaranteeing a Super Bowl win… You’ve got to be kidding me.

You sir need to look in the mirror. You sir have Peyton Manning-itus. Manning-itus. The inability to elevate ones game in the post season.

Super Bowl, really there Miller? Better hope every playoff game is on the road. Wouldn’t want Manning’s old bones to catch cold up there in Denver.

The Denver Broncos don’t have a great defense. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

I don’t care what stats people want to throw out there. The Broncos defense gets exposed when it plays good offenses.

Loading up on offense eh there Elway? Defense be damned?

How well has that worked for the New England Patriots in recent years? How did that work for Manning in Indianapolis?

New England hasn’t won a Super Bowl in recent years because their DEFENSE sucks.

When Manning did manage to win the Super Bowl he had a halfway decent defense quarterbacked by Bob Sanders flying around, playing at a high level.

Broncos still ain’t ready.

That, plus it’s amateur hour at Dove Valley.