Sayonara Brown and Batiste, we hardly knew ye.

Brown and Batiste gone, and the Broncos sign OLB Kevin Alexander and S Kyle McCarthy from the practice squad, from the Post’s Lindsay Jones.

Lindsay Jones also said she could hear a lot of players yelling from the media room. Hopefully they were listening to the latest from yours truly. I bet they were. As someone pointed out I forgot to update the next game graphic on the top of the site this week. I was pissed off at the porous showing against the Ravens. This Jets game is a big game. I could see the Broncos going 5 and 3 in the ass end of the season. I don’t see them going 6 and 2. We go into the bye 5-3 that’s a good thing. 4 and 4? Not so much.

We better air it out. Better take the training wheels off this offense. I heard a report that Demaryius Thomas might play tomorrow but he “might not be able to return kicks.” Good. I don’t want to see him returning kicks, ever. Get him out there involved in the offense, in the aerial attack where he belongs.  You hear that Joe Namath, eh? The Broncos should spread it around to their receivers, eh? He’s right, spread it around, enough of looking to Lloyd 90 percent of the time. I better see an air attack hitherto never before seen. I better see that Orton doing his best impression of the Mad Bomber out there.