Yadda yadda, who cares.

CB Tracy Porter, WR Andre Caldwell, TE Jacob Tamme.

Color me “wait and see” on this whole Manning thing.

Didn’t buy it from the start.

Was Joe Montana really a Chief?


I hear a lot of crap about Manning is a real Bronco. Sorry but we drafted the other guy. We’re renting this  Manning guy and it’s never worked for teams renting a QB at the end of their career.

We’re renting this guy for about three years at most if he stays healthy.

I’m more interested in who the Broncos draft at QB either this year or next. That will be the guy to take over when the Broncos are ready to really make a Super Bowl run.

Team still has a lot of holes. Especially the offensive line. The way it is now, Willis McGahee ain’t gonna get no 1,000 yards and Mr. Manning may find life difficult in Denver when defenses pin their ears back and come straight at us. Both in the passing game and running game.

There’s a chance reality may be devastating come November.