Demarcus Ware BroncosThe Broncos made yet another big splash in free agency signing ex-Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Ware to a three year deal. This signing officially makes Broncos free agent DE Shaun Phillips expendable, although he’s welcome back if its a bargain. If they stay healthy, the Broncos added three Pro Bowl caliber players to their 2014 defense. It seems Mr. Elway is finally doing what I wanted and is heeding the iron words of P.P. Dublinski. I didn’t want to hear the Broncos were a “great defense” with such gaping holes, but the proverbial ship is getting caulked.  The Broncos defense still needs to fill a spot at linebacker beside Danny Trevathan and Vonn Miller.

I originally called for an All-Pro caliber Safety, Linebacker and Cornerback. With the signing of Ware, the new linebacker just needs to be solid, somebody tough who hits hard. I don’t see Nate Irving or Paris Lenon filling that role at middle linebacker.