I like the addition of McGahee, yeah he’s long in the tooth but just like in Baltimore he’ll have a limited role and we can take some pressure off Moreno.

The tight ends we signed are OK seeing as we need some depth there. Daniel Graham went to the Titans so that’s good, the Graham experiment in Denver was lackluster at best.

I’m not too happy with the way free agency is going, but if we can sign Ty Warren and he’s in decent shape then we certainly upgraded at DT. I can’t believe all the hub-bub over keeping Marcus Thomas, what has this guy done? A backflip in practice? The only one earning his keep on that D-line is Vickerson, he did manage to make some plays last year.

I expected Orton gone, a power running back signed and I expected one name player signed on the defensive line, not even the top tier, just a professional from the second or third tier of free agents… if we can get that Warren and he is able to play that will be OK. If we don’t sign him and we simply sign a Jamaal Anderson, that’s unacceptable. I don’t care about making the playoffs, I just want to compete in regular season games. We can’t get one guy, ONE guy on that defensive line who is a professional? Come on.

The Orton debacle is a disgrace. I don’t care how you want to swing that one. Carsonic commented earlier citing a glass half full story on the Orton saga–I wonder if the same people who don’t have a problem with Orton starting–I wonder if the same people would have applauded the Broncos keeping Steve DeBerg for another few years?

Steve DeBerg would have beat out John Elway in his second year in a fair competition. Perhaps even his third year. DeBerg was a pocket passing veteran who was steady, capable yet unspectacular. Elway was raw as hell but he possessed scrambling ability, a more powerful arm, plus he had intangibles and dynamic abilities that DeBerg couldn’t dream of. However, early in his career Elway was still raw as hell and Orton, I mean DeBerg surely could have beat him out–in practice. Timmy Teebs has a decent arm, he certainly has scrambling ability and he too possesses intangibles (leadership)–Teebs has upside.

Orton is gone after this year unless he accepts a backup role. He’s not the long term answer and having him start sets us back a year. It does. At the end of this year, instead of having a clearer picture of what we have in our first round QB, we’re back at square one. We could very well suck badly this year with or without Orton. What if we’re sitting there on draft day with the ability to draft Luck or someone else at QB? What a conundrum, what a disgrace if we don’t even know if Tebow has a future here, whether he seems capable or not. New coach, somewhat new system, new era (or it should be) move on now, find out now, find out this year instead of next year.

Some people think it’s a given that we’ll win more games with Orton. Well we sure haven’t so far, and what if, what if we come out of the gate losing? How terrible would that be? Can you imagine the fan response? This organization decided to give all the preseason snaps to this Orton character and it’s just more of the same? What a joke, there will be moral indignation over Orton as the starter and they Broncos brass will deserve it.

Not to forget the fact that it’s just plain boring to have Orton start again. I don’t know about some of you people, but what games last year were fun to watch, what games were exciting and interesting? The last three for me, by a mile. At least there was some hope for the future. With Cuckooman starting we’re stuck in bizarro-one-legged-goat-world and then it comes to a crashing halt (Thank God) when he hits free agency.